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Do you want to grab the attention of your audience? If so, then it's high time that you learned about some funny and controversial debate topics. These are ideas which will guide your audience in agreeing or opposing a particular issue. They will have to "dig deep' and ask themselves controversial questions to find the resources to use in their arguments.

Of course, the best way of making the debate exciting is by adding some humor to the subject. That's why it's always good to get a topic that's not only informative but also funny. With that in mind, here are our fantastic debate ideas and themes. We have grouped them according to the following categories:

  • Funny debate topics
  • Controversial topics on male-female relationships
  • Views on morality and education
  • Funny and controversial topics on matters dealing with our families and societies
  • Controversial questions on political and developmental matters in the USA in 2018

How to Identify the Best Debate Topics

Before we dive into our debating ideas and examples, let's carefully mention a few critical points when it comes to getting good debate topics. First, ensure that your subject is not too broad or else you'll have a hard time revealing it. Instead, be specific and focus on a given concept of a general issue. After all, remember that the topic you choose should come with a conflict that can "trigger' a heated debate and discussion environment.

Lastly, it's important to ask yourself this question, "how do I feel about this particular issue?' This way, you'll understand if the subject is interesting for you or not. If it's something you enjoy talking or thinking about, then there are high chances that it will lead to an exciting and engaging debate forum.

Some Funny Debate Topics

Our lives are filled with ups and downs as we encounter different challenges daily. However, as a professional debater, you need to know how to entertain your audience using the funniest debate topics. Such ideas can be argumentative, persuasive or controversial debate topics. Here are a few examples:

  1. Do You Believe That Dogs Which Know How To Kiss Are The Best?
  2. Should Animals Rule The World?
  3. When You Get Mismatched Socks In Your Closet, Is It A Sign Of Being Disorganized Or Just "Bad Luck.'
  4. Is Rap Music The Best Genre In The World Today?
  5. Why Do People Love Watching Victims Of Shark Attacks On TV?
  6. Will Braces Make You Look Beautiful Or Not?
  7. Is It Okay To Be Afraid Of Clowns?
  8. Is Professional Wrestling A Sport You Should Be Watching Daily?
  9. Do You Feel That Cartoon Characters Are The Source Of Childhood Nightmares?
  10. Can You Use Your Skills Playing Video Games To Get A Job?
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Controversial Topics on Male-Female Relationships

This is one of the hottest areas of research as it mostly touches on the personal lives of your audience. It also has some of the most controversial topics, designed to start a heated debate. Below are a couple of examples:

  1. When She Smiles At You, Does It Mean She Likes You?
  2. Are There Things Which Women Do That Men Don't Know?
  3. Do Guys Offer One Of The Best Makeup Advice?
  4. Is Being In The "Friend Zone' Actually A Good Thing
  5. Is It Okay To Break Up With Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend When Either Partner Is Disloyal?
  6. Does Getting a Boyfriend in College Mean That You'll Have a Smooth Time in School?
  7. Do You Feel That Girls Are Exercising More Than Boys Today?
  8. Can Anyone Recover From A Broken Relationship?
  9. Do You Believe In Polygamy Or Monogamy?
  10. Should You Give Up When She Says No To A Date?

Funny Debate Topics on Religion and Morality

We should all value and respect our religion and the moral code of conduct in the society. Even so, these are two fields with humorous issues, some of which happen daily. Such means that you can find ideas which both you and your audience are free to debate and discuss. However, if you don't know where to begin, these funny debate topics will help:

  1. Do You Feel That Parents Are Doing Enough To Protect Their Children From Unreligious Practices?
  2. Does A Young Child Need To Keep A Journal?
  3. Is It Okay That People With No Special Skills To Get Rich Through Social Media?
  4. Do You Feel That Parents Should Take Their Daughters To Fashion Shows Or Will It Influence Them In The Wrong Way?
  5. Is It Morally Okay If You Happen To Kill A Murderer?
  6. Should Churches Limit Childbirth To Reduce Overpopulation?
  7. Do You Believe That The Human Race Should Start Contacting Aliens?
  8. Can Human Morality Grow As Fast As Technology?
  9. When You Think About It, Is Religion Harmful Or Useful To Modern Society?
  10. Is It Okay When Churches Prevent Lactating Mothers From Breastfeeding Their Kids?

Funny and Controversial Topics on Matters Dealing With Our Families and Societies

Can you recall something which you saw or went through in the family that made you laugh? If you have, then it would be one exciting debate topic. On the other hand, if you're wondering how you can get your hands on such ideas, below are some good debate topics:

  1. Should Parents Start Allowing Their Kids To Take Alcohol?
  2. Should Siblings Of Different Genders Receive Equal Treatment From Their Parents?
  3. With The Current Situations Affecting Families, Do You Feel That People Should Take A Mandatory Test To Prove That They Can Make Good Parents?
  4. Should Parents Force A Child To Study When He Or She Is Not Even Interested?
  5. Is It Right For Parents To Treat Their Children With Smartphones Even After Performing Well In Their Exams?
  6. Should Parents Allow Their Teenage Children To Go Through Plastic Surgery If It's Safe?
  7. Do Parents Enjoy Invading In Their Children's Personal Lives?
  8. Should We Give Men And Women Different Responsibilities And Rights In Their Spousal Relationships?
  9. Does Your Parent Have The Right To Go Through Your Diary?
  10. Does Divorce Affect The Parents Or The Children More?

Controversial Questions on Political and Developmental Matters in the U.S.A in 2018

The United States held its mid-term elections this year, where 36 states elected governors into office, and 44 others chose their state lawmakers. Despite this, it's also a year that has come with both good and bad tidings to the American people and the economy. Here are some controversial topics 2018 that you wouldn't want to forget:

  1. Is The Federal Tax Revision A Good Or Bad Policy?
  2. Is The Government Doing Enough To Improve The Health Insurance Systems?
  3. Will The 5G Wireless Networking System Require More Work Than What Is Being Proposed?
  4. Should State Officials Be Forced To Confront The Problem Or Increased Sexual Harassment?
  5. Will Sexual Harassment Training Help State Officials And Americans As A Whole To Deal With The Problem?
  6. Laws That Will Make Employees Work Feel More Predictable And Stable: Are Such Regulations Good Or Bad For The Economy?
  7. Should Elected Officials Be Punished For Violating Their Employee Or Personnel Policies?
  8. Do You Believe That The Government Is Doing Enough To Fight The "Opioid' Crisis?
  9. Do You Feel That The Labor Unions Have Been Under Siege Throughout The Year?
  10. Is The Increasing Over-Reliance On Tax Payer's Money By The Government Intentional Or Merely A Necessity In Growing The Economy?

The Bottom Line!

We know that finding funny or even the most controversial topics is not an easy process to go through. Luckily, with all these different lists of ideas, we're sure you'll enjoy your debate. However, feel free to look for more controversial topics 2018 as this is the only way to get your hands on "hot topics' affecting both the country and the world as a whole.

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