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Descriptive Essay Topics

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We spend much time creating articles and writing assignments, including descriptive essays as students. It's unimaginable, finding that student is unable to write descriptive essay, but all the same, it happens. While in college, you learn plenty of things, including techniques and styles of writing, arrangement of or order of various essays, and so on. Probably you have noticed that however much we write an article, they will not all be the same even in situations whereby we are allocated the same topic. Our mastery and understanding of descriptive essay topics differ, and that is why we also get different grades.

In as much as our response about descriptive writing would positive or claim to the effect that we can write it because it's easy, we may still fail in understanding what it's and probably the best way for writing it or even the best topics to choose when we are writing an article. That good news is that getting stuck does not in any way mean that student cannot find solution because there are some very credible online writing services that we can all try out. Importantly, there are descriptive essay topics that are lined up that we can choose from for completing this task of writing that document.

What is a Descriptive Essay and What is a Simple Description?

These two terms may be a bit confusing for starters because they both borrow their meaning from this word ‘describe.' However, description of something, object, person, place, or situation to others is what is meant by a descriptive essay. That is its ultimate goal. In that case, writer of a descriptive essay about a place asks, what do I want to tell others? Why is it essential for me to say to them? How do I tell them? All these questions sum up goal of descriptive essay and give us an understanding of what essay entails.

Additionally, essay is written using personal experience angle and thought. It's not scientific neither does it require research. All contents are purely drawn from writer's imagination.

To understand more about what descriptive essay is all about, it's imperative to know that this kind of writing purposes to paint a picture in minds of readers about a particular circumstance or situation without detaching writer from case. We apply sensory information in understanding and expounding that topic.

Even as we write introduction part of descriptive essays, we should not forget giving our readers background information for letting them appreciate that topic and where we are coming from in as far as article is concerned. This is that only way, which we can put all points we are expounding on into a vivid perspective.

So then, what is a simple description? A description is a process of exposing or bringing to fore information about something. As compared to a descriptive essay, a simple description is less of emotions and uses one paragraph or few lines for describing an idea, a person, or an event. Contrariwise, a descriptive essay has a longer description contained in more than one section, and it also has a thesis statement. You may need an outline for a descriptive essay about a person, but as compared to a simple description, this document doesn't necessarily apply for a simple description.

The Process of Writing a Descriptive Essay

Knowledge about an outline of descriptive writing is essential, given that it's not the same as any other essay. An essential consideration preceding this writing is choice of a good topic for this paper. Of course, a good topic can be chosen from descriptive essay topics from various sites or by brainstorming with peers. One crucial point to take note of is that planning is key to any assignment, and that applies to a descriptive essay about a person too. Moreover, arrangement is in five paragraphs, as discussed below.

First Paragraph: Introduction

Use imagination to come up with an attractive sentence bearing words that will pull readers to an article. Without consideration of readers in mind, article is likely to overlook the prominent role played by attention grabbers. That first line should be a topic sentence that introduces the topic without negating this fact that a catchy word is necessary for essay. Additionally, it's imperative to state a thesis; section should show context to readers so that they can understand reasons informing revelation by writer. Do not forget stating that thesis statement just in a single sentence in the last section of introduction.

Second Paragraph: The Body

The relevance of this section is that it extends that topic by offering more insights backed by evidence for readers to appreciate. That first paragraph will have a single idea and explain it in detail and at the same time ensuring that point in this section supports this thesis statement.

Third and Fourth Paragraphs of the Body for Descriptive Essay

Just like the first paragraph in the body, these two paragraphs should have a point each and elaborate it concerning the subject of discussion. Readers should have no problem in connecting the paragraphs right from introduction for these two last paragraphs meaning that there should be a seamless connection in the form of a transition. A stack reminder is that every discussion should be supporting thesis statement.

Fifth Paragraph: The Conclusion

After all discussion in the other paragraphs of descriptive essay about a person, the last section summarizes everything right from the introduction. This role that a conclusion plays for any paper is that it enables reader to understand what the essay is all about in a single paragraph. In this section, writer should not forget stating some substantial sections of thesis statement to keep readers on course.

Knowledge about the idea that writer wants to put across is of great substance when thinking about this writing process for descriptive essays, whether it's about a place, an object, or a person. Writer may think about these following issues:

  1. Objects
  2. Relationships
  3. Pets
  4. Habits
  5. Destinations
  6. Excursions and many more

An Outline for a Descriptive Writing

Writing does not just begin out of nowhere. That process is so elaborate to the point that it does factor in what we do long before we embark on the writing. Collection of significant support materials, sources, and relevant information to put into work all are part of process. In other words, we have pre-writing stage that requires us for coming up with an outline that we use for writing descriptive essay. This framework has condensed points listed in bullets in respective sections that are intro, body, and conclusion.

Descriptive essay topics are essential foundation for prewriting, and for that reason, we should think about it first.

Generating Ideas for Descriptive Essays

Because this type of article is meant to paint picture in the minds of audience about a particular scenario, it's imperative to critically think about topic and how the issue will be discussed to do just that. If writer is unable to come up with an idea, primary source should be randomly noting down the statement emerging from his or her mind that he or she would like to use. By so doing, writer will be able to have rough idea about the thesis and will, in effect, be able to start. Another idea is to have all points or senses listed in a five sectioned table.

First Writing: The Draft

Here, the whole idea is to write but roughly considering that the final article will still be necessary. That draft is an introductory presentation of ideas, and it's not organized as such. Remember to put down any thought that crosses your mind. In as much as the paragraphs may be disorganized at this stage, point to note is that it should not deviate away from the descriptive essay we rea creating in terms of key points. It requires some form of sacrifice, meaning much time must be used in creating good draft. That draft should be elastic enough to be expounded in the final descriptive essay about a place or person.

Some minor details are critical in terms of injecting more sense into the article. Our writer should not forget toad them where necessary.

We are likely to experience some challenges in terms of having variety of words to put into article; this, however, should not be a cause for alarm given that we can always borrow words from dictionaries and thesaurus. What writer needs to do is to put all his or her ideas on paper as long as they are flowing. Such views are crucial in explaining concepts or embedding this scenario in the mind of reader. Always, critical thing is that there should be a tie between ideas and topic.

Use of Online Tools to Revise the Paper

There are several online sites that we can use to check this paper to ensure that it's not only well formatted but also that it does not have errors. In these platforms, we can check for correct use of phrases and sentences in addition to spelling. Furthermore, platforms offer tools to paraphrase, and it can, therefore, be used when we are borrowing ideas from other sources and converting them to our thinking. Cut this idea, paste it on site's engine, and make necessary adjustments.

Editing a Descriptive Essay

The process of cleaning up the paper is tedious one that needs fresh approach, therefore, it's imperative to think through this process quite well. Time off will be necessary to generate new ideas and develop an eye for spotting possible errors that might be lying inside the article. Editors are generally encouraged to ask others to look at the paper as well or loudly read paper, so that they establish whether there are notably errors. In as much as the writer may opt to use software for grammar, it's also essential to counter check just to put things into right context.

Some Descriptive Essay Topics to Check Out for

The most challenging task for writing is to choose a good topic, let alone generating idea. However, that should not be a significant issue because we have outlined several descriptive essay topics that a student can always find useful in descriptive writing:

  • Topics To Describe A Place
  • A Visit To The National Museum
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