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  1. Hector
Hector is one of the great French-American writers of this period of democracy and independence. He was a great essay writer whose arts mainly focused on American activities despite being of French origin. He took great privilege in American culture. One of his good essays was that of; Letters from an American Farmer.

The Romantic Era

This was an excellent opportunity for American writers to strive and come up with their native works. This was after the separation from the British publishing press that insisted on authors modeling their practices to fit in with the British literary traditions. The dawn of a new era for America came at such a time. We see essay and poems being written on romance and were well received by the public. The famous American writers gained worldwide recognition for their creative works of art. Some of the famous essay writers of this time were;
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
Earth lives to remember the significant actions of this man Waldo. During his entire life, he managed to compose several essay and poems with some featuring some aspects of the Spanish culture. He found inspiration from customs and traditions and used writing to express his mind, and this got peoples' attention and made him a favorite romantic essay writer of his time.
  • James Cooper
This was a cultural, romantic era writer. He took much interest in people's culture and the various traditions surrounding it and managed to write from them. His life was dedicated to writing essays and poems that touched the hearts of many individuals. Among his outstanding works was his distinguishing novel The Last of the Mohicans. A stable and robust book he wrote that expressed his views on culture and people.
  • Washington Irving
Once or twice you've bumped into this popular name in American literature. In some of the American libraries today you'd find some of the short stories written by Irving. They are a great inspiration to the many that read and expose a lot that was going on during the considerable American transition period. This was a period when American literature was shifting to works of the future, writings that gave people of the young America hope for a brighter future. Some of Washington Irving's books include; The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle. The renowned author managed to publish several essays, including Tales of a Traveller and Bracebridge Hall.
  • Edgar Poe
Poe was a renowned author of time. He used his intelligence and creativity to come up with outstanding works on detective genre and went ahead to compose horror stories just like Stephen King later did. Some of his arts were gothic and gathered quite an audience who were interested in such unique and rare pieces of art. One of his vast writings was The Poetic Principle

Realism Period

This was during the Great War between the North and the South... It was for this reason that some of the great people during that era like Walt Whitman said of a grand narrative arising from that devastating experience. Well, he was right, was he? Later on, American writers came up with outstanding works of literature which were purposefully intended to depict and bring out the state of the nation as it was. Their goal was to bring out reality and make the world aware of what was going on. It was just sometime after independence, and America was faced with such a devastating moment. The state had not even settled quite well and established itself among other nations in the world and war just stroke. This brought a significant shift in literature as the birth of new influential writers ensued. During this period, their slavery was abolished, and now the focus of many writers was on the great people and survivors of that time.
  • Mark Twain
This author was a force to be reckoned with. His main aim was to depict the actual acts of what was going on in America for the world to see. During his junior life, his friends alluded hi as a significant influencer and one who understands well how the society ought to operate. Mark was a political and human rights activist. Some of his great opinions and ideas were seen through some of his literary works like the novels he published. He was a master of the English literary tradition and used some of the literature tools like satire and humor to express his mind to the people of Florida and the world in general. Through his essays, some of the social injustices in the society were brought to the light for people to see and condemn clearly. He was a great inspiration to the young generation through his essays; What Is Man and Advice to the Youth.
  • Jack London
A master of art this guy was. He wrote on the success of various individuals in the society. The main focus and setting of his works were on troubled and harsh environments. Mark believed that it was the harsh conditions that shaped and molded individuals to be healthy and succeed in the long run. Through reading his essays, you'd appreciate how fundamental rise above life's challenges and emerge a winner. Some of his inspiring books include; The House Beautiful and The Dignity of Dollars.
  • Henry James
The main focus of the writings of James was on cohesion. The people of America did interact with other nations in one way or another. This interaction created a relationship which later turned out to be either good or bad depending on the situations as at then. He took a broad and international approach to his writing, which encompassed discussing the various relations America had with other nations in the world. One of his distinguishing poems; The Art of Fiction Later on, came the modern era. There was also the World War 1 that happened during this period of modernism, which then had a great impact on America. This period gave birth to the art of literature know as modernism. This came as a break from some of the challenging experiences of the Great War, more like a dawn of a new era. One of the great writers of this time was William Faulkner who wrote exemplary essays including; Note on a Fable.


Some of these famous writers have contributed greatly to what American literature is today. It's about time you give credit to some of their notable essays and poems and master their literary approach to writing. This will not only make you a good writer, but you'll also be informed on American history. Who are some of your famous American essayists in modern times? I hope it will help a lot!