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Healthy Eating Essay

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This article is going to major on the writing on a healthy eating argumentative essay with some of the crucial components of what makes an excelling healthy eating and nutrition essay. Stay with us to find out more information on what's expected of you.

Before that, let's give you some information on healthy eating you could as well use for your healthy eating essay writing.

Based on statistics gathered by the United Nations health body, lots of deaths in the current world are as a result of cardiovascular disease, more so in more industrialized states. Science proves it clearly that the leading cause of all this is unhealthy eating. Not to mention, this is but one health condition, and several other medical conditions are as a result of unhealthy eating. The expected human life expectancy of 67.5 years can be reduced by up to two times, and of course, the shortened life is a series of complicated health conditions. Below are some of the rules of healthy eating recommended by health workers?

  • Avoid eating excess; it's common for individuals to feed any time they come across something edible, but science has it that this is not a good habit. It's the best advice to feed only when you're hungry. Your kin might be feasting on some delicacy, and yet you're not hungry, don't push yourself but instead, just let it slide and wait until when you'll be hungry enough to take in something.
  • Settle for organic food, for that is best recommended for its highly nutritious value.
  • Keep off alcohol drinking. This is not good for your health. If at all you have to take alcohol then at least stick to once weekly drinking and don't make it a binge. Best recommended is red wine. It's good for your health once in a while.
  • Avoid genetically modified foods at all costs. Some of these genetically modified foods could be attractive to the eye leave alone you all salivating, but then again healthy eating expects you to keep off such if at all you want to stay healthy.
  • Chew slowly. The modern world is full of rush; most people are always on the go, no wonder you'll find individuals settling for fast foods for they don't have time to cook. Take your time and chew the food well; it is part of the digestion and helps with essential nutrients absorption, something your health needs.
  • Eat early before you sleep. Healthy eating requires that you eat and give enough time for food to settle in the stomach and begin the digestion process before you sleep. At least four hours before bedtime is recommended.

That is some little information that could come in handy whenever you'll be composing a healthy essay outline to assist you which areas are more likely to get you more points and a better discussion.

The Writing Process

With the above information we just gave you, it's safe to say that at least you have a rough idea on what we're dealing with. Let's now move forward and look at the healthy eating and nutrition essay components. Read on to be informed on some of the most important points to remember while writing;

  1. Your Position in the Healthy Eating Essay

In the starting section of the healthy eating essay example, the reader is expected to finish reading the introductory paragraph having understood your position in the paper -point of view. Your healthy eating argumentative essay is expected to have a strong working thesis statement based on set healthy eating essay topics. A thesis statement is a single sentence occasionally placed in the introductory paragraph that works, to sum up, the main idea in your healthy eating argumentative essay and go ahead to declare your preferred opinion based on the healthy eating and nutrition essay topic. This sentence is very much important, and therefore taking your time to come up with a working healthy eating essay thesis statement is something writers need be on the lookout for.

Recommended ways of formulating a thesis statement for your healthy eating essay writing;

Criteria of question for an answer; this is the best-preferred way to formulate a thesis statement. Here a writer is required to turn the healthy eating essay topic into a question and go ahead to tackle the issue. For instance;

  • Does eating junk foods affect our health?
  • Is drinking water and doing exercise considered healthy eating?

Brush off objections; this form has also so far proven effective in formulating a thesis statement. On the one hand, you come up with something stating a side of the healthy eating discussion while the other clause is for objecting it.

  1. Formulate a Proper Outline

Like most other academic essay writings in the college set up require you to draft an outline as preliminary to your writing process, a healthy eating essay outline is also considered when composing. This one is more straightforward; you need to know when and where to put specific information, and your healthy eating essay writing is good to go. To help you with the healthy eating essay outline, try to be on the safe side of the following aspects;

  • Appeal to the reader's attention. Know what the reader is looking for, go ahead and give it to them in a much more convincing way that will prompt them into wanting more of it.
  • Be keen to refute any ideas and objections they might be building in their minds. If at all they're sound, be sure to consider them before writing and find a way to address them in your healthy eating essay writing.
  • Bring out your point of view and woo your readers into joining your cause.
  • The healthy eating argumentative essay is made up of two sides; the opposing and supporting side. A good writer would touch on both sides just so to prove to the reader which one holds more water, In which case the one you prefer should come out winning.
  • Convince your audience into accepting your idea as the best one. This takes lots of persuasions and presenting your valid findings.

This is just a brief overview of how you ought to maneuver around with your healthy eating essay outline. Take your time to read more on healthy eating essay example to find out what you might have missed.

Structure of the Essay

  1. The Introduction Section

All academic papers have an introduction, and it mainly revolves around the impression you make. The goal is to capture your readers and hook them into wanting to have more of your paper.

This is the starting section of healthy eating and nutrition essay. What do are you writing to your audience? Of note, the introductory section is all about hello effect, creating a perfect ground for the readers to be confident in your healthy eating argumentative essay. A good approach will be to begin by giving a brief overview of what healthy eating is all about; your audience might be someone who's not well aware of healthy eating. Being the excellent writer that you're and explaining to them what they're dealing with is a step in the right direction.

What are the different views in your healthy eating and nutrition essay?

Different views; touch on two sides of the discussion your healthy eating essay is based on. The introduction is summed up by giving a hooking thesis statement. Not to mention, the role of the healthy eating essay title is to introduce the discussion. What's more, pressing that ought to be addressed first? For you to be in a convincing position to win your readers you have to know how to go about the process. The thesis statement should come in handy at such a time, go for something more persuasive. Come up with a strong and working healthy eating argumentative essay thesis statement that will effectively tackle the set questions. The statement is usually placed just by the conclusion of the introductory paragraph to serve as a perfect transition into the next part of the healthy eating essay writing which is the body text. Finish the introduction with appropriate transition sentences to create good flow information in the structure of your paper.

  1. The Healthy Eating Essay Body

This is the section of the healthy eating essay structure that comes after the body. This is the discussion of the healthy eating essay. To start with, you're required to give a topic sentence; this should give the direction of the body section. The other sections of the body will work to support the declarations of the topic sentence or expound on it by through presenting shreds of evidence and findings you came across during your prewriting research.

A strong, healthy eating essay body section is made up at least four paragraphs. Remember, all these paragraphs are basing their discussion different supportive reasons based on the findings all to back the topic sentence. All these reasons ought to be shouldered with solid pieces of evidence to prove validity. Give your readers reasons as to why you think they should accept whatever you're presenting to them and in what capacity are they to concur with you. An effective way to this is mentioning points from both sides of the discussion and then going ahead to oppose them.

Consider this;

  • Expect some opposition from your audience

What do other people think of healthy eating? What's the most effective approach you can use in targeting specific individuals? How best can you convince your readers? Some audiences come reading your paper having predetermined stances, and it's your role to show them that yours is the right way to be followed. Or even better strengthen their opinions if at all they are concurring with yours.

  • Reasons and support

An average healthy eating essay body should at least have four reasons to present to their readers. So these opinions are the leading guide of the body paragraphs; they will serve as topic sentences. Therefore, a winning approach will be for you to go further and back these opinions with findings based on healthy eating research and existing facts. A step to making your views sound more credible is to use words like "if… then” for showing your reasoning.

Take the objective approach to your writing. For you to achieve this, you need to avoid excesses. Sieve the information to deliver only the critical elements of healthy eating in your healthy eating essay topics. An excellent hack, look into formulating at least two separate drafts. Good essays are secondary to thorough revision and proofreading! Apply the formal approach when composing your healthy eating and nutrition essay; avoid idiomatic expressions at all costs. You need to bear in mind that healthy eating is a science, and with that comes the standard approachable ways to healthy eating essay writing.

Work on your healthy eating essay vocabulary

The more you research you do, the more language you gather on healthy eating, the more, and the more you master the art of understanding the language of healthy eating. Your healthy eating essay should capture a few of the various food terminologies to prove to your lecturer that you're knowledgeable and well familiar with what you're dealing with. This will give your lecturer more confidence with your essay. Remember you can't achieve this if you still have challenges with your language. You need to understand and come to terms with how some of these terminologies are applied and their relevant situations.

  1. The Conclusion

This is the final part of healthy eating and nutrition essay. A wrap of all you've covered in the entire paper. It sums up everything. You've mentioned lots of information on healthy eating, supportive evidence, and your own opinions and now it's time to wrap it up. Come up with a brief and targeted summary of what you just mentioned without any new information. A good idea is to make recommendations from your own opinions. Enlighten your audience on the most effective way they can best improve their healthy eating habits.


All you need for the success of your healthy eating and nutrition essay has been given to you. Take your time and go through it one more time to touch you might have missed. Keep practicing, and in no time you'll be a good essay writer.

What's your trick to essay writing?

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