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How to Title an Essay

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A title is like your outward appearance; it informs the first impression the world makes of you when you step out there. In an essay, a title is usually the primary focus of any reader. This is because, in a nutshell, the title of an essay speaks volumes about the piece itself. It is the single point in an essay where one can get the main point of an essay, the relevance of the piece, the motive of the essay and if well carved out, the general opinion of the writer about the piece.

So it is crucial for all writers, young or old, part-time or full-time scholars, to learn how to title an essay paper. When you establish yourself and become a prolific writer, the synchrony of your essay title and the content of the essay must blend well. And that is the summit of essay writing. The fluency of the essay from top to bottom and undisputed expertise is displayed in writing.

Contrary to popular opinion that writing a title to an essay is arguably the most challenging part of essay writing, we have established and compiled tips on how to title an essay properly. After going through this essay and properly using its guidelines as indicated, we can guarantee that titling of any piece will be your least worry any day.

How to Pick a Title for an Essay in a Simple Way

Creativity is always essential to any specialty in the arts. So even before you settle down for specific essay writing, you have to express that deep-seated quality of a writer in you. Through learning and repetition, a character is modeled into a world-class figure and decorated sufficiently. Also, there are acquired traits that are specific to a specialty. And this is where picking a title for your essay comes in. There are specific tried and tested points that can help you settle on an essay topic easier than you think. Here are some of them.

  1. Build It Up from a Catchy Sentence

A catchy sentence, more often referred to as a hook sentence, is like a beauty queen in essay writing. It is a group of words that readers can identify with and gets their eyes and minds fixated on the essay. A catchy or a hook sentence can be developed from a joke, a well-known quote, a fact, an allegory, a statistic, or even a poetry line. For instance, if you are interested in how to title an essay about a book, a famous quote or a relatable proverb is always highly recommended. Interestingly, this is how newspaper writers and authors make a living.

The goal is always to grab the attention of the reader and never let it go. The catchy sentence should also factor in some keywords from the essay. This will work in your favor to increase the relevance of the title to your essay. Title writing in an essay is now smelling, looking, and sounding easy already.

  1. Build a Title From the Keywords in the Essay

Not to confuse this point with the one discussed above, this point's agenda is insistent on the essay's keywords and not on borrowed words mixed with a keyword. Basing your title on the keywords probably has added advantage if you expect a lot of readers to get to it via searching that keyword. Just by a simple typing of the keyword and the reader will be on your page. In this approach, creativity must come into play too. You have to mingle those keywords with other eye-catching words.

You may feature in statistics or eve facts that will draw in the reader. The best way to arrive at this title approach is to think of it like you are giving a one-sentence summary of the essay you are writing. For example, in the previously cited example of how to title an essay about a book, you can factor in some keywords plus a statistic that strikes the mind of anyone who comes across it. A perfect example in this case, though it is a book, not an essay, is Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power. In the title, you can see a combination of the keywords and a statistic, which immensely attracts the reader.

  1. Be Cautious of Plagiarism

In instances where a reference for a particular type of essay is provided, it is good to avoid plagiarism. Many of the times, you may be given a website page to refer to whenever you are writing your essay. Some people may be lazy enough to copy and paste the title and use it in their article. That is not only wrong but also downgrades your skills as a writer. Supposing after such a habit you are requested to explain how to title an essay about yourself, would you still go online looking for a title to copy and paste?

Certainly not, that would be ridiculous. You are supposed to be original and authentic, a limited edition, one of a kind to say the least. Be the sole producer of the quality end product only you can release. If you have to borrow a leaf from another writer's title on the internet, at least paraphrase it. Reproduce it in your own, probably and preferably, better version. This way, the readers will feel it like an upgrade of the previously written essay, and it will strike and attract more attention than you can predict.

  1. Give Your Title an Original Tone

Authenticity in a world filled with plagiarists is a mark of excellence. And just like the choice of words in your title, the tone with which you write your title should be original. Write it as you own it. Consider it like the question is how to title an essay about yourself. Own the title, own the words, and definitely, you will own the mind of the reader. Your article has to have the right ingredients in the proper order, right from the beginning to the very end. And one of the critical components is the tone of the essay, which cannot be real until the tone in the title rhymes congruently with the tone in the body of the piece.

If you want to know how to title an essay properly, you have to consider the tone based on the clientele targeted by the essay, the goals of the piece and most important the type of the essay. It would be deemed inappropriate title an essay humorously when it is meant for academic work. For example, if the topic is how to title a biography essay, you need to pick a matching tone of the topic. You cannot write a biography essay on the President and choose a sports pun as the topic. That would be a gross mismatch.

  1. Consider Having an Accompanying Picture

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Contrary to using descriptive words, a picture cuts short on the use of lengthy sentences. It is economical on the usage of words. There are instances whereby you cannot pick enough words to drum up the masterpiece essay title of your dream. In such a situation, the inclusion of a picture is deemed worthwhile. This is more so if the topic is generally how to title an essay paper, in which case an appropriate picture is acceptable. Alternatively, if the topic is how to title a biography essay, a befitting photo of the figure and a hook sentence of a few words is worth the treat.

However, in academic writing situations, they may not be so much considerate of pictures and, the inclusion of one may be cause for deduction of points. This is not always the case, as some instances may be appropriate for a picture. For example, if the essay is on conservation of nature, the inclusion of some relevant pictures like wildlife, rivers, forests, and other manifestations of nature may be the decorating table flower.

  1. Master the Appropriate Format of How to Title an Essay Paper

There are numerous approved and globally renowned formats of writing essays. Depending on the geographical location, the institution, the site of submission, and many other factors, the recommendations are always different. However, there are some basic guidelines on how to title an essay for college. Some of the basic rules are:

  1. The title ought to be a summary of the entire script
  2. Type the title capitalizing each first letter of every word
  3. You should never underscore the title text
  4. Remember to use the ‘colon rule' in the division of a superb essay title

The APA format is the most commonly used format in the United States to write essays and cite the sources for research papers. If your discipline is protracted towards essay writing, you need to familiarize yourself with the writing standards and the use of the format. In the event you are asked how to title an essay for college and a format is not provided, always go for APA format. It is widely acceptable and straightforward. You will get the nod for a good choice in that one.

How to Title an Essay Paper: Mistakes to Avoid

Writers may make many mistakes when titling an essay paper. If you want to acquire proficiency in essay writing, these are the most common and potentially negating mistakes that you have to watch out that you don't commit.

  1. Avoid Negative Words in the Title: Obscene words, demeaning words, and devaluating descriptions usually don't augur well with readers. In actual sense, they might think the writer is petty. No reader is interested in demeaning other characters; it doesn't matter if they are real-life or fictional or even legendary myths. The reader will retract from such an essay and look for a more constructive one that does not drag their brain in the murky waters of malice. Always, be positive in the title, and make the reader smile and be interested.
  2. Do Not Make it too Personal with a Character: This is likely to happen if they are dealing with a reflective paper. But regardless of the question, when you are asked how to title a biography essay for a villain, do all you can to remain objective. There are readers out there who admired a thing or two about your perceived villain, and it is doing you a disservice by dissing them off. Remember, you have a goal to achieve at the end of the essay, and that goal is not losing out on the number of readers.
  3. Avoid Controversial Topics: Topics such as politics and religion have always been double-sided, with factions of the population of either side of the reality. They are topics that have frankly brought many a writer down. For sustainability, you must remain faithful to the course and avoid discussing such topics. Most of the biography essays tend to be inclined to either political or religious figures though. In such a situation, it is advisable to adopt a fence-sitting position; do not sway to either side at the end of it all. Social issues like polygamy, cultural practices, and abortions have the same controversial aura as well. It is recommended that if you land an essay touching on any of those, steer clear off from inclinations to either side.


Essay writing has many challenges. For starters, picking an appropriate topic could prove the most significant deal out there. Others may be professionals at content analysis and choice of words in the body but not in the title. However, thanks to the scholars who came before us, we can always isolate the points of emphasis on where to perfect and where to focus. In this essay, we have been looking at how to title an essay so proficiently that no reader would bypass it at any point. If you follow keenly, the points are quite what you might have been missing out on. And that's the loophole to correct. If you found this beneficial, let us know, please.

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