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How To Write A Conclusion for a Research Paper

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Introductions, as well as conclusions, are among the most difficult sections of a research paper that students encounter in their academic journeys. However, as much as they may be technical research paper parts to handle, they have a crucial influence on readers` experience with your research paper. This is because the introduction plays the role of a bridge used to transport readers from their day-to-day lives and into your piece. Likewise, the conclusion is of equal importance as it provides a gateway to assist readers into transitioning from your paper and into their normal lives. Having said this, writing a good conclusion for a research paper is a requirement that you should fulfill to ensure that they find your information and analysis important even after they put your research paper down.

Also, your conclusion is the section where you can take the opportunity of having the last word on the topic at hand. A research paper conclusion allows you to also give your final opinion on the issues that have been brought up in your paper. In addition to this, you`re able to showcase the importance of your point of view, synthesize your ideas, and finally propel readers into taking a new perspective on the topic.

Therefore, it is only prudent for you to take research paper conclusions with the seriousness they deserve. However, with this in mind, it becomes vivid that a proper framework for writing a research paper conclusion is needed for you to come up with a masterpiece. In light of this, below is a step by step guide of how you can write an effective conclusion for a research paper.

General Considerations You Should Take

Understand What a Research Paper Conclusion is All About

When coming up with a research paper conclusion, it is best for you to know what you should be talking about beforehand. Having said this, you should always remember that the primary goal of a research paper conclusion is to present a summary of your arguments and ideas to prove that your research paper was founded on fair-minded and robust points. A research paper conclusion can be built on the analysis of your research paper`s paragraphs as well as a fundamental thesis. In addition to the above, you should note that whenever professors are going through research paper assignments, one of the sections that they pay full attention to is the conclusion.

This is mainly because it's the part where they can check for a student`s diligence and creative ideas (especially by evaluating how the research paper`s main points have been tied together). In a nutshell, before you set out to write a good conclusion for a research paper, it is essential for you to understand the significance of a conclusion as well as its structure.

The Structure of a Research Paper Conclusion

The conclusion paragraph of a research paper has its own set of rules when it comes to content creation, and it is only prudent for you to follow them. A research paper conclusion is supposed to be written briefly, with its content being guided by a comprehensive statement of problems. In addition to this, there should be rational and thoroughly thought-out methods or strategies for solving these problems.

Your research paper conclusion could also include a description of what you should expect from the actions that are to be carried out and subsequently giving ideas of implementations that are already in practice.

Some of the elements of a research paper conclusion include:

  • The research paper`s actuality.

  • Conclusions on the various parts of the research paper.

  • The research paper`s general conclusion.

  • A guidance system for solving the research paper`s posed problem.

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How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

Discuss the Importance of Your Points

To start with, we`ll begin by stating that it could be unnecessary for some types of research papers. However, there are some cases which will require you to talk about the importance of your arguments in a specific section of the research paper conclusion.

It is also important to note that it's not mandatory for you to do so in case you've already considered it in previous parts of your research paper (such as the body). In fact, we suggest that it is better for you to explain the importance of your points in the body of the research paper because a research paper conclusion is meant to summarize all that`s been already written. However, if you've not got the chance of doing so in your research paper body, then ensure that you have covered it in the conclusion.

Discuss the Future of Your Subject

For you to come up with an outstanding research paper conclusion, you should ensure that you capture the future perspective of your research paper. It could be through the use of a call to action section, or even through a suggestion. An example of some of the research papers where this can be of great benefit is those that address crucial issues such as; racism, sexual orientation, and world religions - just google research paper conclusion examples on any of these topics and you'll see how this is applied.

The call to action part in the conclusion of such a paper ensures that the reader is propelled into doing further research on the topic you are talking about. However, it is also important to mention that there are some other types of research papers that don`t need the use of a call to action section. Examples of such paper types include; literature review papers. This is simply because it is hard to find an angle to prompt your readers to do more research on other than what you have told them about. Again, looking at a research paper conclusion example or two on this will give you a clear picture of how such research papers can work with no call to action!

Restate Your Research Paper Topic

Another way to come up with an effective conclusion for a research paper is through restating the topic of your paper and explaining why it is crucial. Also, remember that you will do well to ensure that this section of your research paper conclusion is both clear and concise.

Having already explained the reasons why your points are vital in the body of your research paper, you shouldn`t task yourself with supporting your ideas with different perspectives or new arguments. Restating your topic should only take one sentence of your research paper conclusion.

Restate Your Thesis Statement

After restating your research paper`s topic, it is important for you also to restate the thesis statement. Ensure that you rewrite it/paraphrase it to avoid making it appear precisely similar to what's in the introduction. However, as much as you will use different words, take caution and ensure that the final product of your rewriting is focused and narrowed to the topic at hand.

Summarize Your Research Paper's Main Points

When looking at how to write a conclusion for a research paper, it is vital for you to recap your key points to remind your readers about them. The best way to do this is by re-reading the entire research paper body and then focusing only on the most crucial facts and arguments. You should also take caution and avoid similarly repeating your ideas as you do in the body.

In the conclusion paragraph for a research paper, all you are required to do is jot down a few and brief overviews of the pivotal points. Also, ensure that you avoid adding any new angles/details in your conclusion for a research paper.

Mistakes to Look Out for When Writing a Research Paper Conclusion

Beginning Your Research Paper Conclusion With Clichés

One of the biggest mistakes that students make when writing conclusions for research papers is sounding too familiar. The most common ways in which they do this is by starting with cliché phrases such as, "In summary," or "In conclusion."

It is crucial for you to note that your professors have read these words countless times and you can trust us when we tell you this. They give your work a terrible picture to anyone reading them because they come off as unnecessary and worse still, they make your conclusion sound unnatural. For you to write a good conclusion for a research paper, ensure that you keep off from writing the obvious things.

Stating the Thesis Statement Only in the Conclusion

As we had seen earlier, it is crucial for you to restate your research paper`s thesis statement in the conclusion to make it more informative. However, most students make the mistake of concentrating too much on this point and leaving out the other parts of their research paper.

You should strive to not only use your thesis statement to come up with a unique research paper conclusion, but you should also use it in your research paper`s body and introduction. By doing so, you will make it easier for your readers to follow your research paper`s arguments in all its sections.

Presenting New Details Regarding Research Paper Topics in the Conclusion

As much as coming up with unique conclusions is a thing to look forward to, bringing in new arguments or details shouldn`t be the strategy you use to achieve this. A significant percentage of students make this mistake and in the process forget the essence or role of the conclusion. A conclusion paragraph for a research paper is aimed only summarizing what has been covered before rather than presenting new information. Instead of coming up with a unique conclusion, you will end up losing points by ruining your research paper conclusion section.

Changing the Research Paper's Tone in the Conclusion

Another mistake that can make your efforts in the other parts of your research paper go down the drain is mismatching the tone of your research paper conclusion with the rest of the paper. If your research paper was written in an academic tone, you should avoid coming up with a conclusion that is more informal or emotional. Even though the topic you are writing about is of great significance to you, ensure that you don`t turn it into a personal agenda.

Undermining Your Authority in the Research Paper

What most people aren`t aware of is that there are some phrases which could sound appropriate for various papers, but are detrimental to the outcome of an academic paper. It is crucial to note that this principle also applies to research paper conclusions. Examples of these phrases include; "I can`t say for sure," "This is just my personal opinion," or, "I am not sure about this, but I will say it anyway."

By using such kind of words and phrases in your research paper conclusion, you will end up undermining the authority you had already stamped in the other parts of the research paper. You should avoid apologizing or even using the first person tense. This is because they come off as being too informal hence making your research paper to lose its credibility.


We've given a comprehensive guide on how to write a conclusion for research papers. We have seen some of the general guidelines that should ring in your mind before embarking on writing a research paper conclusion. From understanding what a conclusion should talk about, to the structure it should take, you can rest assured that you will know what to aim for as you begin writing your research paper conclusion.

Also, we've discussed some of the things you should consider when writing a conclusion as well as the most devious mistakes that could water down your work. With all these strategies in place, there`s nothing to stop you from coming up with a masterpiece research paper conclusion.

If you still have problems concluding your research paper, don't shy away from seeking the help of a professional writer. Their input will prove invaluable when you finally come up with an outstanding research paper conclusion under their guidance.