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How to Write a Critique

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As a student, one is expected to learn a lot and execute whatever he or she has learned in-class assignments. The dons at the campus will expect nothing lesser than good writing that captures everything taught in class. Learners are also expected to know how to write a critique of a book without any difficulty. Apart from fulfilling some other academic tasks, writing is part and parcel of the educational journey, and it does not stop even after one is done with his or her studies.

How to write a critique article is not only crucial in measuring the level of knowledge one has acquired but it also sharpens a student's reading skills given that they have to read lots of books before critiquing them. In order to show that you have been an active student with a critical mind, it is essential to demonstrate in any assignment that you know how to write a critique example of any subject.

This article aims at helping a learner to appreciate assignments which require thinking outside the box and understanding the knowledge gained as a result of having skills on how to write a critique essay. Before we look at some of the crucial steps and ideas that can be incorporated in onto writing articles that are meant to critique a book or a film, let's first understand the definition of critique article.

An academic paper that delves deeper into a subject and brings content out of such topics reflects an element of critique. In other words, to critique means to look into the details and come up with explanations about a particular subject. More so, review is not only negative, but it looks at the content of the book or film with a questioning eye. One must fully involve his or her mind and let others know his or her thoughts about the subject of the study.

Therefore, we can say that a critique paper is a writing genre that critically analyzes concepts and presents them with a fresh viewpoint.

It looks into various works such as:

  • Book
  • Academic journals
  • Newspapers
  • Film
  • Movies
  • Articles
  • Research papers
  • Thesis
  • Features, and many more.

It is also important to note that just like other academic articles, the structure or the organization of a critique paper is not any different. This implies that for a student to understand how to write a critique example, he or she must also have sufficient knowledge of writing. Mostly, institutions will recommend a style for a student to adopt while they are writing a paper of this nature, but the constant factors in all the academic papers are that they have an introduction as the first paragraph, a body, and a concluding paragraph.

The slight difference between a critique and other papers is that critique documents are analytical and are centered on works that have been done by others. The role of a writer, in this case, is to understand what other authors have brought forth and made an interpretation to benefit the readers. Among the important factors when learning how to write a critique paper is the usefulness of the document being analyzed and its value addition to the field.

Why Do We Write Critique Papers?

As mentioned earlier critique articles play quite a number of significant roles in sharpening a student's mind. Students learn how to write a critique paper for the following reasons:

  • So that they can understand the content of the book and advance their knowledge
  • So that they can analyze the author and the background of the content
  • so that they can critically understand the target audience of the author or the film and analyze if the film or the book fulfilled its purpose
  • So that they can also develop their point of view with regards to the content, they are analyzing
  • How to write a critique for a book is critical because it helps the students to weigh the evidence and see if the author depicted the verifiable context
  • It is also imperative to learn how to write a critique on a movie so that we can establish the gaps left by the writer for furthering the improvement of the content.
  • Lastly, students must learn how to write a critique of an article to demonstrate that they can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the paper.

Writing Process of a Critique Paper

It is important to note that one will have to prepare well before making a decision on what to put on the paper. Such preparation is pegged on the content read and how well the content is understood; otherwise, it will not be possible to understand how to write a critique of a book. In other words, a good writer must first gather the information source which could be an article, a movie, or a book and read it well to understand its content. This may take time depending on the length of the film or the volume of the book. It is therefore important to put aside any distraction and critically assess the content even before reading it. To learn how to write a critique paper is not easy, and it is not a matter of picking up a book or watching a movie, then making an assumption that you have understood everything. Among the most critical actions that one should do include:

  • Reading the content several times. In other words, the writer must set aside sufficient time for understanding the content well.
  • Look at the theme that the author or the filmmaker has based his or her work. What is his viewpoint, and does he support that viewpoint?
  • Write down all the important points because you will need it in the critique paper
  • Importantly, comprehend the main argument that is being projected by the author and all the facts that have been employed to advance that position
  • Look at the importance of that particular work and how it complements the relevant field.

Note that how to write a critique of an article does not adopt one format, and you will be required to adapt it to the format given by your institution. The clarity with which the writer puts forth his or her arguments is very paramount. An excellent critique paper is the one that brings forth new information or critically examines other works and pokes holes where they identified. More so, the great critical article does not take away credit from the author but gives an alternative view that either reinforces the author's argument or spells out the gaps.

The second step is to give a clear description of the author/filmmaker's work.

Giving a Description of the Author and His or Her Work

How to write a critique example that will add value to the field of knowledge requires one to go beyond the text. It is important to first start by describing the author or the filmmaker and his or her work. In order to enable a reader of a critique document to understand the creator of the work being critiqued, it is important not to make any assumption. Give details about the author and tell the readers why the author did that particular work.

Because it may not be possible for readers to know the contribution made by the creator of a critique work, it is important to highlight all his or her work. If the creator has more than one item as a contribution, it essential to highlight all of them, also, state clearly that you are analyzing one of the works. The credibility of the author will always be on the line. It is therefore important to lay aside any doubt and clarify to the readers that the work you are analyzing is from a reputable source and was produced empirically. How to write a critique on a movie does not deviate from the book. In other words, it is important to describe the move and the author.

While describing an author or a filmmaker, it is essential to question the relevance of their work to the field and how they are viewed by others who are contributing to the same field.

If you ate critiquing the work because of the controversial nature of the author, it is important to state that too so that the reader can draw a parallel. More so, films and all academic materials are written with some sort of audiences in mind, so, as who are them according to the view of the author or filmmaker. By doing so, you will be demonstrating your mastery of how to write a critique of a movie.

Provide a Summary of the Main Points

After one has clearly provided his or her view about the author or the filmmaker, the next point is to summarize all the points gathered and write them in a manner that facilitates understanding for the readers. Explain the main ideas by providing a summary paragraph. Review all the main points or concepts of a movie while keeping in mind that you will have to evaluate them in the subsequent paragraph for clarity. This is not the time to delve into the details but what one has to do at this point is to demonstrate that he or she understands how to write a critique paragraph.

How to Write a Critique Essay's Evaluation

After one is done with a summary, the next logical step is to delve much deeper and provide in-depth information with regards to the points earlier stated. This will clearly show that the writer has understood the subject of critique and is giving his or her point of view. More so, this step requires one to compare the work with what other authors or producers have.

There is no other section to show creativity and mastery of how to write a critique article than in this section. Here, the whole idea is to add one's observation of other authors with regards to the subject of study. It is more like stating one's position and providing enough facts to strengthen that position. If it is a movie, one looks at, the setting, the plot that characters of the movie, their props, and so on. For a book, a writer may look at the style, the characters involved, and the theme. For an article, we critically evaluate the thesis statement, the organization of the ideas, the credibility of the author, and the findings as contained in their work.

How to Write a Critique Essay's Ending

Every great piece is judged by how it is ended. The conclusion provides a summary of the major points without introducing something new. It is therefore important to think about the best way to end your work. It is important to highlight very few but crucial points at this stage and make the reader know what your view backed by facts in a summarized form.

Provide a List Containing the Bibliography of Reference

Note that critical evaluation should not deviate from the usual academic styles, and its presentation should be logical. The paragraphs should be well organized with each containing ideas or a point. It is additionally important to use transitions to connect the various segments of the critique essay. Never forget the usefulness of evidence because, without it, the work will be more of a subjective position than an academic piece. How to write a critique paper requires a student to remain above board and avoid instances of plagiarism.


How to write a critique paragraph for each section of the paper is very important to understand; otherwise, there are a lot of articles whose writers claim to critiques. As we write a document of this kind, the main goal should be to impart new knowledge and not just to show that we know how to write a critique essay. In summary:

  • Name the work, date and creator's name
  • Summarize the work accurately
  • Put a lot of focus on the critical evaluation section
  • Provide evidence to support the position you have adopted in regards to the work being analyzed
  • Use proper grammar and make lesser grammatical errors while writing the paper so that you don't deviate from the point
  • Have an introduction a body and a conclusion.
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