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How to Write a Personal Essay

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Is there an optimal way in which we can approach the issue of personal essay writing? This question certainly has the kind of implications like there is an optimal state of personhood, and when we write a personal essay from such a position, and then we cannot go wrong. Advances in science and technology are on the rise to the extent that we are speaking of a ‘post-human' possibility. We are thus confronted by the daily prospect of at last Artificial Intelligence reaching its height in human mimicry, we are left with little choice but probe deeply on how we understand experiences caused by persons, and indeed to think deeply about how we define personhood.

We may need to ask ourselves what are some of the critical issues or factors to consider any approach to personal essay writing. Some of these factors are:

  • Cognitive limitations experienced while engaging in personal essay writing
  • How truth affects how we write personal essays
  • Why personal essays matter
  • The intention behind personal essay writing.

There must be a standard of quality when it comes to personal essay writing. Consider how we are prone to pass judgment on personal essay examples that may be brought to our attention. We say that some are excellent while others are said to be of inferior quality. But if we were to be asked how we could distinguish the extraordinary from the mundane, how would we go about it? The contention in this article is that it is possible that most of us go only with personal sentiment, and it is difficult for us to have an objective measure of quality. Since personal essay writing is such a sensitive issue, it is imperative that we should understand the rudiments of writing personal essays.

When we produce personal essay examples from optimal positions as persons, we protect ourselves and others and get opportunities for genuine growth. All of us need to grow and overcome suffering, and even those persons we write about find some vindication when we write on them without bias and with a significant amount of respect. That is if we write personal essays with due consideration, we resolve the tension in our personal and collective minds. And such resolution enables us to be noble and perfect, and our social interactions gain a high standard of quality.

Understanding Methods and Models

In a universe that often has more irregular objects, humans have no options but define models and methods that only tend to approximate reality and attempt to create order out of chaos. This creation of order is perhaps one major contributor to the need for personal essay writing.

Cognitive Limitations Experienced While Writing the Personal Essay

Personal essay writing has much to learn from the disciplines of user experience and other fields of cognitive science. For example, the conscious mind can hardly grasp more than nine items at a time. Attention is easily lost as the mind continues to play scene after scene of loosely resonating ideas. What regularly passes in the conscious mind is often what is repeated the most, and many other examples of our mental limitations affect how we approach and write the personal essay. So we must ask ourselves how we can have optimal personal essay outlines that can help us overcome these inhibitions.

We must, therefore, consider the following cognitive limitations when writing the personal essay:

  • How do identities affect perception, and how can we limit their bias?
  • The validity of extolling a personal set of values over another's
  • How social conflict is handled and benefits are distributed
  • The validity of a social status quo

Consider personal essay examples that are not or have little awareness of these factors of consideration. How valid can their assertions be? We realize that if we were to rush into personal essay writing without considering most of these factors then we are prone to view our ideas and perspectives in probably a nonfactual perspective and it may be easy for us to delude ourselves and probably abuse the genre of personal essay writing. Therefore our personal essay outlines need to have checks on how we perceive and interpret our encounters and experiences with others.

If we can move closer to objectivity, then our personal essays can become rich sources of information and growth. Our ability to perceive relations correctly allows us to develop a strong personal essay outlines that eventually help us to come up with exciting and objectively valuable personal essay examples. Just like we take great pains when it comes to other forms of essays, so must we be rigorous when writing the personal essay. Other persons are worthy of respect, and even a slight oversight in the course of personal essay writing may cause significant harm among an audience.

Access to Truth and Personal Essay Writing

A personal essay is mostly about making a kind of report about a particular personal encounter and experience with another person. And after checking ourselves against our cognitive biases, we remain with the delicate task of ensuring that we meditate and deliver the truth to a high degree of fidelity. This is important because the persons we are writing about in our personal essay examples are also likely to distort the truth, and we as writers are also prone to infuse lies and deception in our desire to pass narrative. Therefore our personal essay outlines must be able to help us consider our fidelity to truth and to execute truth in the highest degree possible.

A personal essay outline, therefore, needs to highlight most of the following considerations that will eventually help us to develop personal essay examples of a high degree of accuracy:

  • Checking for our capacity to appreciate truth by overcoming our selfish interests
  • Evaluating personal exchanges with a view for understanding how the transactions appreciate truth and its sources
  • How the context of action and other players create interpretation and versions of the truth
  • The groups of persons and other social objects and agents that are adversely affected by the reigning versions of the truth

We need to see how we are mediating reality in our personal essay writing, and at the same time, we also need to follow as objectively as possible how the persons we are writing about were committed to truth. Personal essay examples that have little consideration may end up being flattery documents and be of low value to either the writer or the wider audience. Therefore we must consider how we can develop personal essay outlines that will help us achieve a high fidelity for truth. We must also remember that the personal essay is probably a higher form of essay in the sense that they are concerned with other persons in society, and generally persons have higher political and social value.

A personal essay that has no sensitivity to truth is probably a propaganda effort at best. Propaganda has its value and context, but personal essay writing is essentially about trying g to find the most credible truths about our existence and to subject these truths to self-critical awareness. Personal essay examples are meant to help us perceive ourselves and make changes to social order as is appropriate. We, therefore, need to ensure that our personal essay outlines are imaginative and strict enough to help us provide high-quality personal essay writing.

A Note on Categories of Truth

A broad and comprehensive appreciation of the categories of truth has been provided in Indian philosophy, and it is advisable for us to take some time and investigate what the Indians have.

The Importance of Personal Essays

We write personal essays so that we can be able to generate thoughts and actions that are likely to advance our social and economic reality. Hence a critical part of our personal essay outlines must be an evaluation of the truth that our persons of interest have negotiated and the quality of the fact that is accessible to us. Personal essay examples that have little or no consideration of the quality of reality produced by our actors and interpreters erode their significance, and it is possible for us to downgrade them as fickle attempts at sycophancy.

Our ideal personal essay outline must, therefore, try to enumerate and evaluate the personal essay. This is a challenge, especially when we perceive personal essay writing as a framework for social change and advancement. Ideally, we could consider the following variables:

  • What social issues dominate the context surrounding the person of interest
  • The ideas that have frequently been using to meet these social issues
  • How social relations have been formed around these ideas
  • The realities that emerge out of these social transactions.

Personal essay examples that relate how positive social change has been negotiated and achieved tend to be of higher quality and value than other models that have less emphasis on this crucial aspect. By neglecting the importance of social change, a person engaged in personal essay writing will tend to have less material for his or her work and the thoughts involved may only end up being prosaic or severely disjointed.

We must, therefore, ensure that our personal essay outlines deliver on the ideal promise of the personal essay. This promise is that of creating positive personal and social change. Personal essay examples that hold on to this ideal than are of higher value and bring glory to the art of personal essay writing.

Checking our Intentions When Writing Personal Essay Examples

Personal essay examples that are interesting and informative tend to be those whose writers are aware of their intentions for writing. It is much like a case of an investigation. If the investigator is unaware of the goals and motives of her work, then she will likely come to the wrong findings, and soon the whole case collapses, and precious resources are wasted. Personal essay writing must, therefore, entail self-analysis for the sake of lending accuracy to our work.

We must, therefore, consider the following issues regarding our intentions when writing the personal essay:

  • What problems are most pressing to us as we write the personal essay
  • The preferred selection of ideas and worldview as we work out the personal essay example
  • The kind of social relations we seem to support and why we are helping them
  • The types of social reality we wish to establish even as we engage in personal essay writing.

A personal essay outlines that has space for consideration of facts then becomes more potent than other contrasting outlines. If a personal essay outline failed to consider the intention behind personal essay writing, then how would it be able to appreciate its value? The personal essay example that fails to appreciate its intention would appear to drift from one point to the next and would prove to be not only a hard to read but would also be ineffective.

Personal essay examples that show a clear appreciation of intention then are of superior quality. The writer must, therefore, strive to be self-aware and mindful and at all times self-analyzing and self-critiquing his or her work to the degree of being impartial and almost disinterested with his or her personal comfort.

Fusing our Ideas

We have come a long way in our discussion on personal essay writing, and one primary idea that seems to emerge is the enormous importance of the personal essay as a kind of reflection devise much like that of a talking mirror. A talking mirror has its dangers as may well be recalled in the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. The risk is that if we fail to be self-critical, then the interaction between us and the mirror may prove fatal.


Our article has shown the critical factors that affect an optimal way of approaching the personal essay. We have seen how personal essay writing is engaging and how we need to be disciplined and self-aware at all times if we are to generate personal essay examples that are worthy of reading and action. We have also seen how there is a method to the development of a personal essay outline and how such a framework helps write a high-quality personal essay.