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How to Write a Thematic Essay: Tips and Tricks

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As an essential undertaking, most learning institutions and colleges in the United States of America teach writing. For one to accomplish his or her course at the university, it is only imperative that he writes his or her assignments and submit them in the academically acceptable format. The strictness with which the University lecturers assess writing can only mean one thing; Writing is the most critical skill that a scholar must inculcate. More so, writing extends to thematic essays and other forms resembling the ones students have to accomplish. The essence of this article is to show how to write a thematic essay. However, the foundation or something to jumpstart us is based on understanding essentially the meaning of themed papers.

Themed Article Defined

This can be described as a genre of academic writing that centers on the pivot of a story. Primarily, this kind of writing is based on a particular theme or question that the writer tries to answer via an article. For the purpose of bringing out the article's essence in an excellent manner, the writer employs literary techniques listed herein:

  • Representation
  • Descriptions
  • Comparison
  • Allegories
  • Allusion
  • Anastrophe
  • Colloquialism

Always, the challenge remains to be the creation of thematic analysis essay even though we may be privy to literary devices listed above. A student should, however, not despair. In order to ensure that a student is not stuck or to provide an idea for a start, some online assistance has been availed. The online writing companies do not only provide new ideas for a learner. They do provide theme essay examples.

How to Write the Article

We would be naïve to assume that creating a themed paper is not difficult. Ideally, a student would need to put his writing skills and spend substantial time in comprehending the task. Once one has decided to accomplish the task of writing a thematic analysis essay, it is paramount to base his or her paper on credible proof plus details.

A theme must be supported by facts that are retrievable from educational foundations plus they must be elaborate enough to make an audience appreciate the concept as intended. More so, there must be a connection between all the paragraphs in a manner that indicates seamless flow. The writer's assessment, as it appears in the finishing section, must be nothing but a result of a logical flow.

Normally, papers of this nature are based on the social problems facing society. They address humanity without excluding various stages of civilization. This fact does not only make how to write a thematic essay a complex task but also a task that requires one to think critically and generate a subject that excites readership. An existing variation in terms of how people interpret various subjects should be a trigger for engaging good research techniques for one to achieve his or her goal.

A chosen subject may be replete but not to everyone. The whole idea is to ensure that as a writer, you cater to all the readers, and that is why proper research becomes so important.

In order to navigate the complexity of coming up with theme essay example, the writer should carry out audience analysis. Understanding what the reader expects or their initial thought about a particular theme is an enabler for them to create a convincing thematic essay outline and subsequently the document. Writing an essay of this nature is not a one-off activity, and for that reason, a writer should be flexible enough to accommodate ideas meant to improve the paper as they emerge. Weighing between the pros and the cons will help a writer to strike a balance and eventually write an excellent article.

Furthermore, to write a thematic essay, one ought to remain logical and observe coherency even while putting forth the thoughts. As you write, the pertinent issues should not escape from your grasp. It is imperative to bring to light such matters from the start. Equally, a writer should not forget to use some good examples to illustrate the direction they are taking. Readers are entitled to know the connection between the main argument and his or her ideas that are being brought forth.

Highlighting the Core Theme of an Essay

Ideally, there is no compulsion to stick to a particular line of thought. One should be explorative and read a lot of academic materials that contribute to the writing of a thematic essay. Among the most used premises for stressing a subject is a technique of comparing and contrasting related papers. Even though such papers are difficult to generate an idea, understanding them improves one's ability to come up with a good theme.

A subsequent logical phase to take while we comprehend the writing process of a thematic analysis essay is to craft a framework. The organization of the come much later after one has created a great thematic essay outline. The purpose of an overview is to help the writer have a notion about arrangement of the article. This begins right from the introduction to the conclusion before it is finally written. Just like other academic papers, the framework contains essential points that the writer has identified to cement his or her argument. The only variation is that the points are briefly outlined. No much detail is given at this point.

Notably, the papers ‘outline should not fail to have thematic essay topics because we can only build from the question of argument. Remember to have a topic for your theme and give as much information in support of the paper. There is no better way of creating a good paper without having a thematic essay outline.

Model of a Thematic Essay


Apply convincing and exciting facts to introduce the idea. The intro should start with a catchy phrase that borrows from the literary devices to ensure that the reader is glued to the paper. It would be proper for one to use descriptive sentences for letting readers know the subject. Pay keen attention to the details and do not fail to put forward any supportive point in an introduction. However, it should be as concise as possible. There is no better way of how to write an introduction for a thematic essay than to consider this explanation for a sketch.

The Body of the Paper

While creating a thematic essay outline, arguments should be listed in brief at this section. The framework can be designed to accommodate 3 paragraphs.

Summary Section/Conclusion

This part sums up all the points as discussed in the four paragraphs of the paper. The end should not have new points but should only be restricted to what has already been addressed in the article. Learning how to write a conclusion for a thematic essay, therefore, is very paramount.

After one has composed a template, it is only logical that he or she proceeds to the next step, which in this a case is to write the document itself. As initially indicated, the outline should help the writer to structure or organize the paper to have a visual balance and to comply with an institution's accepted writing style. Most learning institutions will grade the outline before they give a student the green light to move to subsequent stage. So, be very careful and write it in the best way possible.

Actual Writing

The writing becomes easy with a lot of thought having been spent on the outline. What happens at this phase involves elaboration of points as captured in the framework.

Thematic Essay Introduction

In summary, a good writer has to have the following in order to come up with an introduction for his or her paper:

  • A startling opening statement introducing the topic
  • An hypothesis to state a writer's position with regards to the topic
  • An explanatory discussion clarifying the purpose of the writer
  • A closing statement that introduces the subsequent paragraph and the statement should have a transition.

If you can indicate these in the introduction, then you have mastered how to write an introduction of a thematic essay.

The Body Division of the Article

  • Provide details and all supportive facts in this part
  • Have at least three paragraphs but ensure that each paragraph contains a single idea
  • Support the thesis statement in the paragraphs
  • Use transitions to join various concepts in the body.


As we have discussed, this part is just as important as the rest of the paragraphs. It contains a restatement of the thesis. As the last paragraph, it is imperative to make it brief and interesting as you remind the readers of what to embed in their mind. Do not exaggerate but remain within the context of the paper as much as possible. It is advisable to avoid the temptation of introducing a new idea. To demonstrate that you have mastered how to write a thematic essay conclusion, keep it as simple as possible.

Writing Tips for a Themed Article

In order for a student to comprehend the development in terms of crafting an essay that addresses a particular theme, it is paramount to consider the tips outlined below.

Brainstorming to develop the topic, one has come up with is the first important tip to consider because engaging other thinkers is boundless and fulfilling. Listing down all the notions as they come forth is a greater way of ensuring that you come up with a better idea. From several thoughts, one can eventually settle on the most convincing one that is backed by enough information and points.

The second tip is to come up with a thesis statement to build your ideas on. As has been established, there is nothing as important as having a position regarding the topic. This can only be brought out through a thesis statement. Craft a single sentence thesis that will guide your thoughts in the beginning paragraph of the article in form of a statement of the thesis.

The third tip is an intro that is both interesting and addressing the topic. A good opener to any paper should be very concise and should not be boring at all. Learn how to write an introduction for a thematic essay and ensure that it puts forth the purpose of the paper through good narration skills.

The fourth idea is to work on the main body. Among the most is vital consideration at this point is to note that the length of the body should be at least 3 sections. The data that goes into this section must not only be derived from credible sources, but it should also be valid. It is recommended that the writer considers contents that have been reviewed and have passed the test of credibility because propagating a theme that is based on faulty information may render the paper faulty as well.

Lastly, it is imperative to comprehend how to write a conclusion for a thematic essay. This, as the fifth tip, means that the conclusion should highlight a summary of the main points that have been used in the entire paper. More so, it is crucial to focus on some elements of the thesis statement without introducing a new point. The conclusion just as the introduction should be as strong as possible and as powerful as possible. This will ensure that it leaves a lasting memory in the mind of a reader.

Thematic Essay Topics

  • Religious beliefs
  • History of World War I and II
  • Slavery in the United States of America
  • Why Vietnam War was a loss for America
  • Cloning of the sheep and how it impacted Science
  • The Justice system and how it helps shape society
  • How war veterans have shaped the security system
  • War on terror and its cost


In order to write a good thematic topic, we need to come up with a good topic, and then create a great outline to guide the process and after that come up with a draft. It is imperative to note that the first draft for any writing is not enough. Also, the writer must revise the paper and ensure there are no grammatical errors before submitting it for grading or the readers.

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