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How to Write Cause and Effect Essay

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If you study at the high school, college or university, most likely, you will be assigned to write an academic paper. Frequently, teachers ask to write cause effect essays. At first sight, you may think that it is the most difficult task you have ever done. In fact, being afraid of wolfs do not go to the forest. This informative guide will help you answer the question "What is a cause and effect essay?”, explains how to write its outline and what structure this paper should have.

To start with, familiarize yourself with the essay on cause and effect definition. This is a kind of paper the main aim of which is to cautiously study the particular problem and determine its potential cause or consequences. It is critical to define why a certain situation happened and what possible consequences this situation might have.

It is not necessary to be a writer to write a good piece. Writing a cause effect essays is a creative process. By dividing this process into a series of small operations instead of describing the flow of thought, you will make this task much easier to perform. You can brainstorm to identify the main ideas, write them on a draft, check it several times, turning it into a brilliant piece of writing. That's all that really matters.

The explanations are nothing without giving examples. So, let's imagine your task is to write about the impact of music on modern teenagers. Your task is not to tell a story but to determine the cause of this situation. Here you can write that modern teens are crazy about music. They try to copy the singers or bands, their habits which not always are good. Then your task is to cover the possible consequences of this issue. In this part you can write that music is a particular culture. However, not every culture can make a positive impact on physiologically immature children. More often, trying to copy their idols, teens have various mental health problems, which often lead to suicide. It is necessary to describe not only the cause and effect essay ideas but to give them support, providing facts. Your own opinion is also of great importance but you should give constructive explanations.

This type of academic paper requires endurance, cleverness and knowledge in a certain situation. It is impossible to perform this task in an hour, as it requires thorough research and brainstorming and detailed analysis of a particular issue. Moreover, it is necessary to provide evidence and demonstrate a causative relationship. Convincing arguments and logical conclusion deserve special attention as well.

How to write cause and effect essay? Step-by-step guide

Want to learn how to write cause and effect essay effectively so that you will receive an excellent grade? Follow these useful tips and you will see how easy it is to show your writing talent to everyone. Let see exactly how this works.

Step 1. Read the assignment carefully

It is important to clearly understand what your teacher expects from your piece. If it comes to the topic and style, each teacher has his own requirements, which must be strictly adhered to. Keep a sheet with the task with you while you are working on your task, and read it carefully. Ask the teacher about everything that you don't understand. Make sure you understand the following things well:

  • What is the purpose of the essay?
  • What topic should I cover?
  • How many words should my writing have?
  • Should I write only about the cause or effect or about both of them?

Step 2. Think over the topic

Usually, the teachers ask to write cause and effect essay on the topic which you are more interested in. That is because only in this case you can make your work thoughts-provoking and natural. However, choosing a topic is not as simple as it may seem. While picking the appropriate theme, you should clearly realize that it must not only be interesting for you but it is necessary to have enough knowledge to cover it in details. Think about whether you will determine either cause or the effect of a particular topic.

Make a list of all the things you would like to talk about and then choose the one that you are well-informed. Don't write about Ocean pollution if you don't have enough knowledge in this particular area. Anyway, you will conduct research, but it will take you more time to figure out this issue. There is a possibility you will just give up or write the paper not as effectively as you could. Here are approximate ideas for cause and effect essays topics:

  • The impact poor diet has on health
  • Smoking and its consequences
  • Does poor sleep influence life quality?
  • Spouses cheating: possible consequences
  • The cohabitation of a man and women without official registration
  • Living with a single parent
  • Spoiled relationship between siblings
  • Living without brothers and sisters
  • The impact of the music on mankind
  • Ocean pollution
  • The technology development and its impact on humankind
  • Up-to-date gadgets and teenagers' mental health
  • Climate changes
  • The effect of pollution on the Earth
  • The effect of soil erosion on the planet
  • Should we prevent species extinctions?
  • Virtual reality and its impact on mankind
  • Free-child couples: how does it influence society
  • How do social networks affect society?
  • High education: is it necessary for everyone?
  • Does everyone need to drive a car?

Step 3. Brainstorming

By now you'll have realized the topic, so now it is just the time to brainstorm cause and effect essay ideas. Write whatever comes to your mind or keep a journal to express some ideas on paper. When you first try to find the best way to cover the topic you need to write down every single thought that comes to your mind on the paper. This is not the final version, so feel free to express your thoughts and opinions on this topic and see what happens!

Try to work with a mind map. It will be useful if you generate a lot of ideas and you don't know what to start with. This will help you move from general to specific, which is an important part of any essay. Take a sheet of paper or use a chalkboard to draw a diagram. Write the topic in the center of the sheet and circle it. Suppose your topic is "Virtual reality and its impact on mankind”. Write it on paper and circle it.

Around the circle, write your main ideas or thoughts on the topic. You might be interested in the "gadgets for virtual reality", "how does it work" or "problems of virtual reality addicts." Write as many basic ideas as you like. Around each main idea write more specific questions or comments. Start looking for correlations. Connect the circles with lines where you see the corresponding correlations. A good essay is organized according to the principle of basic ideas, and not in chronological or plot order. Use these links to form your fundamental ideas.

Step 4. Write a thesis statement

A thesis statement will direct all your paper. It is considered to be the most important part of writing a good essay on cause and effect. The thesis is, as a rule, a controversial point of view that you are trying to prove in your paper. In your thesis, sometimes you can review the thoughts that you present in your work, guiding yourself and the reader.

Step 5. Think about your outline

Once you have decided on your main ideas and arguments on the topic, you can write them in the form of a plan to start writing a draft of your work. Use logically constructed sentences to link your core essay components together.

Some teachers teach the "fives rule” or the "five paragraphs” format for writing a cause and effect essay. You do not need to stick to the exact number "5", but it can be useful in writing the argument and organizing your thoughts; try to include at least 3 different points of view in your work to prove your main argument. However, some graders would like to see the following paragraphs in the essay:

  • An introduction that describes the topic, give the main ideas for cause and effect essays and presents your argument.
  • Body paragraph 1. Here you state and prove your first argument. That means you should describe a reason.
  • Body paragraph 2. Here you explain and support your second argument (possible consequences of the issue).
  • Body paragraph 3. Here you demonstrate and prove your last argument and determine the correlation between the cause and effect.
  • The conclusion is the final paragraph. Here you summarize your arguments.

Step 6. Don't forget to prove your thoughts

Support your main ideas with two kinds of evidence. If you want to learn how to write cause and effect essay, you should remember the critical point: the thesis is similar to the chair surface. As the chair surface is supported by four legs, since it cannot hang in the air, so the thesis should be supported by conclusive evidence. Every thought must be supported by two types of evidence: arguments and facts.

Facts include specific quotes from reliable literature and resources or specific facts on a topic. Arguments are based on your logic and reasoning. Explain your point of view to the reader with the help of logic, and you will receive a convincing argument with strong evidence.

Step 7. Write a draft

Then you'll hit the sweet spot of writing a draft. Using your outline and a thesis statement, it is possible to create a really winning paper. Get your thoughts together to logically order all the sentences. Don't forget about the transitions. They are linking words which will make your paper more natural and appealing to the reader. If you are not limited in time, you can write two drafts which are even better for your paper.

Step 8. Get some feedback

It may be tempting to consider the work completed as soon as you write the required number of pages or words, but it will be much better if you postpone your work for a while, return to it later and take a fresh look. You will probably want to make some improvements.

Try writing a draft and giving it to your teacher a few days before the expiration date in order to get comments. Consider all comments and make the necessary changes.

Step 9. Proofread

Make sure you have proofread the paper. It is difficult to receive a good paper at once. The word "check" literally means "look again." Many students believe that checking is to correct grammar, spelling, syntax errors and typos. You still have a lot of work. Try:

  • Order paragraphs to achieve the best structure for writing
  • Remove whole sentences that are repeated or do not work
  • Delete any points of view that do not support your argument

Step 10. Improve your writing and prepare the final text

One of the best ways you can improve a draft during a review, select ideas that are too general and make them more specific. This can be expressed in adding evidence, such as quotations or arguments.

As soon as you follow these easy steps, you will be able to answer the question "What is a cause and effect essay and how to efficiently write it?” Remember, that writing an academic paper will help you to develop writing skills, learn something new and discover new talents which are quite useful for your future university life. It's all in your pitch to create decent writing. So, good luck!

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