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A medical treatment essay is a type of educational essay that helps describe the treatment of diseases, illness, or health problem. The essay will go over the details of when you should and shouldn't use treatment. Plus, it will additionally go over the program and list what the steps are. Medical treatment essays require plenty of planning, as you're going to have to provide adequate information for the essay to be persuasive. You want to convey to your audience why the treatment method did or did not work for specific patients and ultimately draw conclusions based on your findings. You may use the data you've collected or from verified sources. Just be sure to follow your classes rubric to get the gist of what type of material you'll need to research. It can be confusing to write a medical treatment essay if you've never written one before. However, with our tips, you'll be able to write an essay for medical treatment. Here's our article of the top five mistakes commonly made by students when medical treatment essay writing.

1. Keeping Correct Essay Structure

The problem some students tend to run into is that they don't include the three critical elements of an essay, which is an introduction, core argument, and a conclusion. A medical treatment essay should be written with a similar structure, but adhere to your professor's guidelines. The first step in creating any core argument is by selecting a debatable topic. Some common medical topics we've found to be easy to write on are the following:
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder
  • Cancer For and Against
  • Obesity

As you can see, there are plenty of topics that you can write your medical essay on. The truth is, you hear about these types of debates every day. Although, most of the time, you don't ever think to the extent about the pros and cons of these treatments. To put it in simpler words, your medical treatment essay should be similar to the debates you hear for or against specific treatment types you heard on the news.

For example, you can take a stance on medications for the treatment of cancer. We've all heard this debate before, so you can either choose for or against the treatment. Many times when you hear this debate, often, the results are against the treatment because of the many adverse risks of chemotherapy and medications.

Although, if you were arguing for the treatment, you could lead that doing nothing may result in an even worse time for the patient. As you can see, there are really various ways you can approach a medical treatment essay.

Approaching how to gather information about your topic is the hard part. One must use peer-reviewed sources or reliable data to help back up their claims. If you're researching cancer treatment, you will need to find peer-reviewed studies or collect data via surveys, interviews, etc.

Once you have selected your topic, you can begin your paper. It's best to research your topic before starting a paper, that way, you know if you have enough material to write a medical treatment essay. After this, you can begin writing your outline.

Create Your Outline

First, create a plan about what you want your essay to highlight before you even start writing. This can help you collect your ideas and evidence to support or why you're against a treatment. Create a list of questions that a reader may have about the situation and highlight those in your introduction. Outlining your work can help you organize your thoughts before you put together your essay. Many times, we see students start without an outline, which causes the essay to go off track. Creating an outline can help present your argument for or against treatment with supporting facts.

Begin Writing Your Intro

Write a brief introduction introducing your reader to the problem before stating what the rest of the paper will cover. Think of medical treatment essay writing as presenting an argument against or for a specific cause. If your essay is against that type of treatment, outline it in your introductory paragraph. However, if you're for the treatment, highlight why with a quick summary. Either way, you want to communicate your point across to your reader. Although, you don't want to spoil or highlight anything too specific. Keep your introduction short and concise with a clearly stated thesis. This will help you keep on track and introduce what your essay is about with ease.

Start Writing the Body

The next part of the essay requires that you argue and support facts about why you support your view. Use evidence from the data you've collected or other academic approved websites and sources. This can help your essay look better, as you won't be relying on anything but cold hard facts. Each paragraph should outline what the specific paragraph is going to discuss. Always clearly state the topic of the section clearly and concisely. After this, use evidence from studies, tests, demographics, and statistics to help back up your claims. The body of the essay doesn't necessarily have to be super long or short because you need to get your point across. Use as much information as necessary until you believe you've proven your point. If your professor requires a specific word count, try to plan how many paragraphs you'll need to reach your goal.


The last section of an essay is a concluding paragraph. You'll want to wrap your viewpoint up nicely without sounding like you're repeating anything else in your essay. This conclusion can help end thought and should be consistent with what you've previously discussed. Don't try and add any new ideas or repeat what you've said. You'll want to clearly state your point of view, what supports those facts, and why you've decided that this is the best or worst treatment options. Do not list any alternatives or introduce any other new facts.

2. Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, and Vocabulary

When writing a student essay, it's easy to make mistakes with grammar and spelling because you're focused so much on other elements of the essay. The problem is, you need to be able to communicate what you're thinking, while still being articulate about what you're writing. Directly communicate good ideas and supporting evidence is not enough if you're not correctly spelling or punctuation.


Living in the modern age, you'll find plenty of online tools that can help you correct your grammar and boost your score. A simple edit through Microsoft Word or another editing platform can help prevent small grammatical errors, but Grammarly or other grammar checking programs will suffice.


The same can be said for spelling. Using spell check can help prevent you from missing points. However, some programs can't recognize medical terms, so it's best to double check them yourself. Always read over your work, and you'll be able to catch the small misspells.


Don't lose out on some much-needed points just because you left out a comma or a period. Most word editing software comes with a punctuation checker. Just be sure to read the beginning and end of each sentence.


The last point in this section, we want to make is that vocabulary can enhance your writing, but only if you know how to use it. Medical terminology can be a great addition, but remember that any readers may not know what you're talking about. Do your best to describe what each term means without going into full detail. As long as the reader can get the gist of what you're talking about, your writing should be excellent.

3. Stay On Topic

Another problem we see with students writing an essay for medical treatment is that they don't adequately address questions related to the essay and tend to answer what they feel comfortable writing. The issue with this is that it creates a weak argument and prevents you from further strengthening your essay.


Plus, professors can tell if you're not well researched with your topic as you'll begin to go off topic or on a tangent while writing your essay for medical treatment. It's best to thoroughly research each point, that way, and you have the information to backup your claims and strengthen the treatments advantages and disadvantages. Finding recent information is also key to supporting your claims. While one study may present specific findings, you may find a more recent one that gives many different results. It's best to use multiple sources when answering particular points in your essay about medical treatment.

Narrow Your Topic

This also means that you should be able to narrow down your subject as well. Don't leave it so broad that you can't answer specifics about the treatment, but also don't limit it to such a narrow question where you can't answer other questions about the medical treatment. A medical treatment for and against essay should include elements that address both the treatment and alternatives. For example, if you're writing about the medicinal effects of antidepressants on the brain, you want to be able to describe both why and why shouldn't the patient be taking it.

Focus Keywords

It's best to come up with a list of keywords to use in your essay. If you're required by your professor or teacher to use specific wording, then you should write it down beforehand. Create a checklist of each word and mark how many times you'll need to use it. The best way to analyze the theme of your essay is to circle keywords and work your ideas around them. This way, everything seems more connected and helps give you readers an intricate understanding of the subject.

Only Use New Information

It can be tempting to rewrite a similar essay that you've done in the past, but there are a few problems that stem from that. First, it's against most student codes to go and rewrite old essays even if they are yours. To avoid getting in trouble or receiving disciplinary action, always take heed when using any information from a previously submitted essay, whether it's yours or other students. The second problem this presents is that the information in the essay might have been old. Every year new data and research come out with information and findings. Unless the results haven't changed, which is unlikely, then you should use the most recent testing. These give more evidence to why your essay about medical treatment is accurate, and your viewpoint is right.

Brainstorm Essay Questions

If the essay is one of your final exams, then it's likely that you won't know the subject beforehand. The truth is, you should practice writing potential essay questions before it's even been assigned. This can help you narrow down specific information and brainstorm other aspects needed to write the essay.

4. Pay Attention to Essay Criteria

All professors give you guidelines, criteria, or specific rubrics to follow when writing your paper. The key is to ensure that you've read all the requirements before you start writing. Incorporate this information into how you outline and write the rest of your essay. Medical treatment advantage essays require you to fight for the treatment and give a detailed understanding of the risks. Critically think about how the patients are diagnosed, their progress, and known risks. After this, use accurate information to help back up your claims. Evidence is key, which is most likely in your criteria. Medical treatment for and against essays tend to focus more on alternative treatments or risks. This gives a balanced amount of information for why the treatment could work, but that there are viable options for the person that presents less of a risk. Overall, you'll need to use the criteria outlined in your rubric to get a better idea of what you'll need to mention in the essay.

Create a Checklist

A checklist should be made before you even start writing your essay. This gives you an outline of what you need to include and can help ensure that you don't miss out on a few key points. Each essay is different, so be sure to check with the rubric that was provided to you. List the smaller criteria towards the bottom and then bigger ones towards the top. This can help you figure out the placement of specific sections and keywords as you work your way down. Overall, this one of the key elements to not missing any points on your medical treatment essay.

Keep Checking Criteria

Criteria can change if your projects is over a few months. Be sure to note any changes that were made and to check back frequently. If you're lost on any issues, contact your professor so that they can provide you with the latest version of the rubric.

Write a Practice Essay

Practice makes perfect and getting a head start on how to approach a medical treatment advantages essay is crucial to being ahead of the game. You'd be surprised what a difference it makes when you already have dealt with multiple hurdles with the first essay. This can help lessen your stress and keep you prepared so that you don't end up missing key elements last minute.

5. Time Management

While it's likely that you won't have to deal with a short deadline, it still requires you to learn how to pace yourself. Spending too much or too little time on one section can hinder other sections and reduce your overall persuasiveness. A good writer will learn how to correctly allot their time to each section, helping them stay focused. Plus, there's always the people who wait to last minute and end up thinking they have more time than they do. That's why it's essential to write in sections rather than doing it all at one time. Chances are if you divvy out your time you can make a splendid argument and learn a few tricks to convince your readers. The last method to managing time management is to write the introduction and conclusion last, as these points make more sense once you've got all the information you need. This helps keep you on track and prevents you from wasting time trying to scramble for the main body.


As you can see, there's plenty of tips and tricks to help you stay on track with your medical essay writing. However, it takes some practice to get the whole essay right. Remember, the more supporting facts, criteria, and double checking can help you craft your essay into being a persuasive piece of writing. Any essay, even a medical treatment advantages essay, needs a strong introduction, good supportive main body, and a definite conclusion that wraps up the loose ends. For a medical essay, you need to be able to accurately describe why the patient should or shouldn't use a specific type of treatment. Medical treatment essays are not easy to write and require a lot of planning and research. If you're struggling to get the basics down, we hope that this article has helped you at least begin your essay and become less dazzled.
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