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Military Base Essay

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Everyone's business in a military base is war, and war has seldom been referred to as a science. Instead, it has been referred to as an art, or more specifically the martial arts. If we consider the structure and population of a military base, we see a war based object alive. Meaning there's an art to its structure and existence. This art is of a paradoxical nature because it entails mathematical and logical structure and may be thought of as a science. For example, military operations have their logical format, while civilians and children are also ordered into military thinking.

Yet each life must run autonomously and yield positive results. Such a requirement means that the quality of thought at the base must be interdisciplinary and must require simulation for key decision making. Therefore, we can infer the nature and character of military base essay writing and show that each essay needs to consider complex systems and how we need effective simulation tools for our military base essays. This article suggests that there's a standard language of thought that can be applied on an essay for military base that supports such kind of thinking.

Some military base essay topics that may be relevant when writing an essay about military base is:

  • Effects Of Psychological Relations On Military Base Resource Consumption And Battle Preparedness
  • Patterns Of Ritual And Social Structures And Happiness Levels In The Base
  • Evaluation And Prediction Of Tactical Operations Against The Overall Strategy
  • How Sound Around The Military Bad Affects Base Population Behavior

Each military base essay example that can be generated by the method described adheres to a basic military base essay outline. There are different kinds of essay: exploratory, analytic, argumentative and implementation. Each kind is equally served by the proposed military base essay outline. In this case, we will consider a military base argumentative essay. The Method consists of:

  • Finding/interpreting a relevant military base essay prompt
  • Research and investigation on relevant military base essay topics
  • Thesis development
  • Proof and argument development
  • Final writing

Finding and Interpreting Relevant Military Base Essay Prompt

Military base essay writing is about the thought that is focused on the art of war as it applies to the habitat that is a military base. Some of the prompts for military base essay may be given to you by superiors or they may emerge in the course of work, or may even be autonomously generated as part of personal thought and investigation. In any case, an essay for military base must be prompted by factors around the basic elements mentioned by ancient philosophers like Euclid of air, fire, water, and earth. The factors are:

  • Key military and military base issues as identified by superiors
  • Methods for meeting key objectives
  • Solutions or processes adopted
  • Results of solutions and processes

Finding answers to these prompts is the first step in writing an essay about military base. Each of the questions resonates with the four basic elements as developed by Euclidean geometry that takes an atom as the indivisible and unique member of a game computation context. Using such a definition for the atom we realize that all things can be modeled on atoms or objects with identities, attributes, methods, and effects. Hence the metalanguage that can facilitate interdisciplinary discourse.

Finding and defining a prompt in terms of objects or atoms using the four basic elements helps us to generate a military base argumentative essay that is certain to consider complexity behavior and provide opportunities for simulation using logical analysis and UML (Unified Modelling Language) at a basic level.

Example of Prompt:

Key issue - Psychological and physical preparedness for battle

Methods - Drills, Patrols, base rituals, psychological operations

Process/solutions - Regular meetups, simulations, communication management

Results - score or monitoring and evaluation data

Research and Investigation on Relevant Military Base Essay Topics

Military base essay topics range within the four domains outlined above, and our military base essay outline demands that our investigation and research should focus on how each of the four categories is responded to by the military base that is now construed as a complex system. A good idea to execute at the moment is to draw state diagrams according to UML (Unified Modelling Language) standards to show the various atoms or objects relating to the main topic or subject of investigation. Such a diagram shows how the complex system is networked and gives the relevant scope of inquiry.

A military base essay example is a product of investigation on the following issues that follow intuitively from the above process:

  • How key issues are articulated and perceived
  • Interpretation and discourse on key issues
  • Characteristics of process and solutions found
  • Comparative outcomes of choices

Given that military base essay topics must be relevant, our task as investigators and thinkers must constrain itself to answers that are related to the identity of our complex system. Hence using our state diagrams derived above, we need to check on answers given to the factors for investigation mentioned under this section for the key objects surrounding or relating with our object of investigation. Key objects are identified using quantitative analysis, and interactions are weighed according to frequencies of patterns. In any case, machine learning or near machine learning human iteration may be used to determine key relationships.

Our military base essay outline then is a logical method that assures us that we can make optimal inferences for our essay about military base. This is because our investigation and analysis takes the form of reverse engineering processes, actions, and entities and using this process for various simulations or use cases to draw a suitable sample for qualitative and quantitative analysis. This sample gives us adequate data to help us have the basic entities that provide a Hypothesis for our military base argumentative essay.

Example: Using a UML textbook for reference draw a state diagram for the key area of analysis.

Thesis Development

Once we have data for the state and objects under investigation in our military base essay example, we can go back to the military base argumentative essay prompt and conduct a compare and contrast analysis. Venn diagrams and other forms of logical analysis should yield key areas of comparison and contrast and show the general direction to be taken for our essay about military base. Our essay for military base gets material from actual states and how they differ with and from ideal states that are either taken to be the orders from above or from general principles according to law or both.

Our military base essay develops a thesis based on the following categories that unite actual and ideal states for our model military base:

  • Identifying unresolved issues
  • Stating causes for unresolved issues
  • Simulations for potential solutions and processes
  • Selecting optimal decision networks for ideas and concepts

Military base essay writing is like writing all other kinds of essays to the extent that an essay must be a cogent thought about an issue. In this case, we are focusing on a military base argumentative essay. This implies that we are two compare and contrast two or more theses bearing in mind that our derived thesis compares with other operative and institutionalized theses.

A comparison and contrast of potential and actual theses through simulation then leads us to the reasonable choice within the complex system(s) under consideration, and our military base essay gains relevance since it is focused on what a system considers to be urgent, reasonable and feasible.

Thesis example: Irregular repetition of key rituals helps to boost levels of attention and preparedness within a military base, and key activities should be enacted by using resonant themes of reinforcement learning.

Proof and Argument Development

Deriving a thesis for our essay for military base has been relatively easy. But the thesis cannot hold if we don't give a proof of simulation or use case whose quantitative recurrence results in outcomes whose probable range affirms the thesis proposed. This means that we use a UML reference to generate a representative number of use cases and using tree diagrams we generate a comprehensive outcome probability schedule whose results affirm the thesis. A key feature of complex systems is that effects are non-linear, and recurrence often changes probabilities.

Therefore, our essay about military base entails a proof whose structure is as follows:

  • Thesis statement
  • Basic use case simulations and tree diagram analysis
  • Optimal path identification and selection
  • Feedback control and analysis

A proper simulation testing of our thesis provides a secure background for our military base argumentative essay in the sense that it gives objective results for analysis and comparison. Remember that an argumentative essay is modeled after the fact that there are always potential solutions to a set of problems and that a certain course of action is the best. Without logical aids to help us see the maze of complex systems it is difficult for us to back a given argument, irrespective of our personal sentiments and conviction.

Hence, our military base essay outline has a built-in mechanism that compels us to come up with the best solutions for our military base essay example. This is because we have a language that holds all objects in a complex system together irrespective of the difference in ideas behind their existence and the disciplines involved. The metalanguage ensures that we can develop accurate theses and supporting arguments for any range of military base essay topics.

Example of thesis and proof:

Irregular repetition of rituals and key events results in irregular stimulus-response occasions and mimics a case of a variable schedule for reinforcement learning behavior. The proof is the tree diagram derived showing probability outcomes of use case scenarios.


Once we have the logic and simulation-based information for our thesis and proof for our military base argumentative essay we are ready to translate the language therein to an ordinary language and order the entire set of findings in a comprehensive and intelligible essay format. In this case, military base essay writing takes the form of other forms of essays in general and specifically the scientific essay. Also, the essay needs to conform or resonate with the basic elements so that connected work can be analyzed and used easily.

The completed military base essay example needs to have the following critical features to be optimal.

  • Introduction
  • Main body with
  • Key reasons/reasoning
  • Emergent and consequent effects
  • The conclusion

Such a structure following the military base essay outline ensures that the reader or target audience has a reasonable and cogent body of information that he or she can use for simulation and private investigation of proof. The structure of essay expression also facilitates the meeting of aesthetic requirements and allows both writer and reader to have a structure that is easy to work with and enjoy.

A military base essay example that follows the military base essay outline above has the effect of generating near certain knowledge whose deviation can be tightly controlled and foreseen. It also offers adequate exercise and simulation of scenarios that go beyond normal linear thinking that is always restricted in scope and attention. Such that if the rigors of this specific kind of military base essay are followed together with the general principles of essay writing like essay drafting and proofreading are followed, then we can be certain of producing high-quality work.


Our article has illustrated how military base essay writing is amenable to a scientific process whose overall outcome is viewed from an artistic viewpoint. This is because the scientific method is able to take a complex system and analyze it as a unit using a metalanguage whose grammar and lexicon is already provided for by logic and computer programming. In this case, all objects or standalone actors in a system are deemed as objects and atoms comprised of the four basic elements that are also computation functions.

We have gone through a military base essay outline that builds on each preceding part in a manner consistent with object-oriented programming designed to generate military base essay examples that are comprehensive yet easily analyzed. Each level of development has involved rigorous system simulation and probability analysis, and both quantitative and qualitative methods have guided each inference.

The remaining aspects need your ingenuity.