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Nature versus Nurture Essay

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Cancer is one of the diseases that are increasing in prevalence across the globe. There have been arguments that genes play a role in its occurrence, while other arguments insist that environmental factors are critical. How can we know for sure what factors are important in causing this disease? We certainly need to know what is meant when we say that some factors are genetic and others are environmental. This means understanding how humanity works with respect to what we may loosely term as ‘nature' and how environmental terms defined as ‘nurture' apply.

What is nature vs nurture? This article is meant to help one come up with a clear picture of the topic at hand in forging a way forward to a better understanding of the disease and its treatment. Our assertion is that the ‘nature vs nurture' kind of essay is best for this task.

Knowing What the Problem is

We fail to solve problems because we don't define the issues at hand appropriately. In this case, it's important for us to have a clear idea of what we are about to do. We want to have a clear idea about what factors can be said to cause cancer or to influence the occurrence of the disease among humans. One is to determine if there are natural causes or there are nurture based reasons and the relevant proportions of influence involved. Such a collection of thought and opinion need a structured way of working that is designed to end up in a collection of the relevant facts, an analysis of the findings and a proper synthesis of the facts to form a final thesis that will lead through nature vs nurture essay.

This understanding of the problem precedes several other action points, namely:

  • Getting a clear understanding of common terms

  • Conducting extensive research and investigation of relevant facts

  • Doing a research and investigation review

  • Determination of where there are unanswered questions

  • Developing the thesis

  • Preparation of the argument and evidence determination

  • And finally, writing of the nature versus nurture essay

How to Ascertain the Meanings of the Terms to Be Considered

One can't tackle the ‘nature vs nurture' essay without a proper understanding of the key terms used. What is nature vs nurture? You need to answer this. You also need to define such terms as:

  • Define Nature

  • Define Nurture

  • Cancer

  • Genes

  • Environment

Defining these terms, especially having the nature and nurture definitions will make the difference between nature and nurture apparent.

Most meaning is determined by current usage. So the first place to consider is how people normally define the terms, especially according to the various dictionaries available. Normal conversational use is also important for consideration, given that it's these shared meanings that we develop into arguments and worldviews. A good question to ask at this juncture is how clear the definitions are and even how useful they may be in describing the problem and even in giving the necessary solutions. For example, certain objects known to have specific chemical elements when you define nurture. How true can this statement be, given the definition of ‘nurture' and ‘nature'?

Investigating the Allegations behind Nature versus Nurture Debate

Thinking is often clouded not just by emotional terms, but also by social conventions that take many things like information sources and original statements for granted. It's not unusual for a person to meet instances where authors have been misquoted and concepts totally misunderstood.

In this case, the important thing is to treat these assertions as mere allegations until the primary sources are found and are properly interrogated.

For instance:

One could draw a table with the following columns;

  • The source

  • The claim

  • The context in terms of time and prevailing ideas

  • The evidence adduced to support the claim(s)

  • Quality of the evidence adduced

  • Comments regarding the claims

Such a table proves handy when we won't see what is being shared in the public domain and may be a good start in determining how the sociology of knowledge is operating. This, in turn, helps us to have a clear picture of what relevant literature to study and investigate for the nature vs nurture debate.

Doing the Probe and Literature Review

Once the relevant information, the available literature and other forms of information collection have been conducted, the next thing is to do a comprehensive review of all the facts that have been gathered. The technique involved is used when we conduct literature reviews. References are duly noted and key issues identified.

The key issues are then distilled into critical questions that are then used in finding any knowledge and information gaps in the topic being considered in the nature vs nurture debate.

Finding the Knowledge Gaps to Be Filled in Nature vs Nurture Essay

The preceding section has facilitated the collation of the necessary facts of the case. Now what remains is finding some of the key areas that may have been overlooked or that were not considered especially because of knowledge development issues.

Knowledge gaps are important because they lead iteratively back to investigations and the proper literature review. And if there are issues that seem not to have any answers, then the task is reduced to that of creatively and persuasively finding new answers and or approaches to the problem issue.

Here, you have a perfect opportunity to bring out the nurture definition

Creating the Thesis to the Essay

The creative process of coming up with the thesis involves all kinds of reasoning like inductive and even abductive reasoning. How one negotiates the various forms of reasoning and inferences is a matter of learning proper techniques that are needed for each task. This means that the thinker or scholar needs to take pains in ensuring that the proper methods are used. Hence it is important for one to check on relevant references on how the relevant forms of reason are conducted.

Iterative adjustment is what is necessary here for one to come to a conclusion that fits the thesis of the essay. But the thesis of nature vs nurture essay needs to be backed up with proper evidence.

Collecting and Arranging the Thesis, Key Issues, and Evidence

The thesis is now ready. Where's the evidence to back it? This entails going back to the literature review and previous notes that you developed along the way.

Since we have the thesis, what we need now is to identify the key issues supporting and surrounding the thesis and some of the important evidence and references that can be given in support.

For example, the following could be the key issues involved:

  • Are Heritability statistics conclusive in saying if cancer is a genetic phenomenon?

  • Do we have details regarding the specific operation contexts of genes?

  • How is the sociology of knowledge determining what we say are the relevant causes of cancer?

  • Do we have an explicit mechanism of knowledge development and transfer that can show causality of cancer?

Such key issues are then arranged in a way that can give a cogent and persuasive argument regarding nature vs nurture essay.

Writing the Essay

There's a general format to all essays involved in academia. The format entails a threefold division of the introduction, the main presentation and the conclusion of the argument. The nature versus nurture essay follows this too.

Here, we will delve how to write the essay with nature vs nurture examples to illustrate.

Introducing the Nature versus Nurture Essay

The introduction to the essay needs to be one that invites the reader with curiosity and commitment to finding the conclusion of the matter at hand. Then the usual formalities of showing the scope of the argument and a statement of the key issues to be addressed are made and a possible counter-argument explored. Then the thesis is stated and a transition to the main argument mooted.

The following is an example of how to start a nature vs nurture essay.


"The common culprit in many legal cases involving cancer has been attributed to ‘nurture' in the sense of chemicals ingested or used instead of focusing on ‘nature' where how the human system is designed to react to stimuli is involved. There is evidence to show that it's probable that the human system may be the main culprit in causing cancer. In this essay, we will consider some of the key issues involved in the human operating system like looking at the credibility of heritability studies, the contexts within which genes operate, the sociology of knowledge that has guided research and development on cancer, and the actual research conducted to link cancer to environmental or ‘nurture' based vectors. The main idea in this context is that the causes of cancer haven't been properly identified and that actions directed at controlling environments may prove to be inadequate."

The Main Argument

Now that you know how to start a nature vs nurture essay, it's now time to show how the key issues mentioned prove the thesis.

The structure to follow is to begin each paragraph with the main point and backing it up with the relevant evidence and linking each paragraph appropriately with the next.

Concluding the Nature versus Nurture Essay

Like for every other kind of essay, the conclusion is structured in a way that reiterates the thesis and mentions the key steps involved in the argument, and finally a parting shot regarding any considerations that need to be made in the future.

In Summation

This article has shown how it is possible to answer questions regarding cancer and its probable treatments using the ‘Nature vs nurture' essay by following a specific formula of action. By following this regimen, one is guaranteed of coming with a high-quality essay that moves the relevant body of knowledge forward.

So, do you now know the difference between nature and nurture? Going through some nature vs nurture examples will help drive the points covered in this article home.

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