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What is a Personal Essay?

This is probably one of the questions that students are asking. The answer to this is as simple as this; a personal essay is about telling a story about oneself or sharing with others the most amazing experiences we have had in life.

Telling a Great Essay from a Good Essay

Whether an essay is good or great, who cares? You might have concluded that that good and great means the same thing but that is how wrong your view would be. Good personal essays give students good grades, but they can only serve that purpose. A great essay, on the other hand, will last for decades, and the readers will never get tired of reading it over and over again.

How an Essay Can Be Judged as Great

  • When it lives a lasting memory in the reader's mind by painting the picture of the writer's experience
  • When it vividly corresponds with the real feeling of the writer and explains to the reader in such a manner
  • When their organization is superb and visually appealing.

How We Can Tell the Importance of Memory in Essay Writing

Given that we are always on a path to self-discovery, personal essay writing can be the best opportunity to do so, but we need to draw all the events from memory. At various levels in our lives, we have encountered challenges and experiences that we can think about. The present experience gives a whole new perspective, and the past still provides us with an angle too. Remember that the gap that lies between the history and the current views gives you a high starting point for writing the personal experience essay.

What Memory Do I Write About?

Neither the old nor the current memory is terrible for a creative process of writing personal essays

. The big idea is to use them both in such a way that they build onto what you want the audience to know.

Possible Topical Areas

The topic means a lot for a writer, and that is why the choice should be as good as possible. The topics can be drawn from the following areas:

  • The people we have dealt with in our lives who have some significance
  • The unplanned meeting with a stranger
  • A meaningful occurrence that shaped your life
  • An event however minor it was
  • Things we repeatedly do in our lives
  • Places and what we remember about them.

Do I Have a Good Topic?

You could be wondering if indeed you have a great topic to discuss in writing a personal essay. What is important is that the topic should reflect:

  • Your thoughts about the event before its happening
  • Changes in your view now that the event has happened
  • The lesson you learned from the event
  • How life has been for you since the event
  • Things you would do if you had another chance to be in the situation.

Organizing the Essay


This organization style or pattern outlines activities as they happened right from the first one to the last one. In other words, memories are arranged in their order of occurrence to tell a story. The most critical points to take note of when thinking about this style is that:

  • Arrange your account to reflect the order that defines it from the first to the last
  • Create some suspense in the story by beginning with the events that are of least importance to the most substantial ones
  • Allow your events to give meaning to the readers.

The Contribution of Minor Events into Personal Essays

When we think about a progressive essay that demonstrates how something came out of another thing we can conclusively equate progress to small incidents. A great personal goal essay can also emerge from small events in our lives that we may overlook. Furthermore, our point of consideration should transcend the magnitude of the activity or event or the experience. We ought to look at the significance of the event to us.

Some Great Ideas for Memories


When your father let go of the fact that you had taken his sword without his consent when you got caught for having done something wrong by law enforcing officers or your meeting with the person you always admire or the heroic act that happened.

A Person

Here we can think of a carpenter at our backyard, your brothers or sisters, the bus driver who influences you positively and so on. We can also think of the favorite politician we met or the newspaper vendor who sells to you every morning.

Memorable Outcomes

Here we think of when we won a competition, got a job for the first time, graduated from high school, etc. We can also think about the bad things we did, such as when we participated in bullying, the impressions we created, which were negative, and the regrets of our lives.

What to Remember When Chronologically Arranging the Personal Essay

Writes who like to have it easy will always fall for the chronological arrangement because it is an essay to understands and adopt for the personal essay writing. In case you want a different approach, there are several other patterns. As explained in this paper, these patterns can be used in any essay to make it different and possibly unique. In the chronological pattern, consider the following:

  • Find the contestation or the conflict to add some value to the personal essay. Important is the fact that the conflicts could be those that we are experiencing internally. They could also be the ones emerging from our connection with the outside environment, simply known as the external conflicts.
  • Reject the temptation of putting into the personal goals essay some of the useless information or memory that dads no value at all. Consider what will be of importance and need to be captured in the essay. Scrap any irrelevant information. Checking on the most memorable aspects to build personal essay writing is ideal for ensuring that the article does not include everything and nothing of importance in particular.
  • Draw the reader's attention by correctly using interesting To achieve this, the writer must set in motion the events by describing the setting. Additionally, he can explain the characters involved.
  • Checking on the boring element s by drawing the readers into the story progressively. Character build-ups can also achieve this and setting descriptions to paint the destination for the reader.
  • Applying dialogues and actions to give life to the personal essay are very important. Through the techniques, we can keep the readers interested in reading the whole personal essay.

Arrangement in the Format of Metaphors

While employing this type of technique, it is imperative to put our thoughts around certain repetitive events or actions as the central focus of our cognition. The sample discussed below can help us understand what this arrangement implies with regards to personal essay writings.

Coalesce memories related to the person or the object that is being discussed. After that, present them around a person's fascination. For example, how Peter used to play with his father's sword despite the fact that his father had always objected. His imagination that he was a gladiator and how he could chase his friends around while holding the sword is worth telling in our story. We can also talk about how he sharpened the sword, and so on.

Chronologically and in a climatic way, arrange the memories. For example, when Peter kills the father's favorite dog with the sword and feeling bad about it can imaginatively be used in the personal essay. He understands that indeed the sword is not just a play tool but can be a dangerous weapon too. Now, Peter has to contend with the fact that he has angered his father.

Having a running theme and connecting it with the memories can also be a great idea in personal goals essay. In the case of the imaginary example given about Peter and the sword, the main theme of the story is disobedience. We need to connect it with Peter's experience to paint a clear picture. By taking up the character of Peter and acting in the way he did, we can follow this pattern to tell our story in an exciting way.

Arrangement of the Personal Essay around People

The reason why we organize articles around people is to help us contain a limited number of thoughts to address them as subjects. We can do so without having to fetch around all manner of ideas that may not be necessary. Think of anecdotes and specific events and how they recur to create a great personal experience essay. More so, we need to put into consideration the following elements that define the style where the essay is organized around people:

  1. Painting a clear picture
    • Dialogically writing the essay for the readers to engage in the conversation
    • Letting the reader know of the people we are bringing into our story by elaborating their background, physically describing them, and stating our experience with them.
  2. Defining the specific memories
    • Selecting specific memories that paint a picture of the person to the readers so that they can know who he or she is
    • Narrating that single incident that made things a bit different when you bumped into that particular person
    • Describe some of the activities that kept on repeating themselves or those activities that due to their repetitive nature has kept you remembering your association with the person.
  3. Show the significance of the person while writing personal essay
    • Narrow down on the key points that define the person. These should be the key issues of relevance to you about the person
    • Never deviate from the focus, which is to show the significance of the person to you.

Additional Techniques of Personal Goal Essay

Contrasting and Comparing Technique

How about addressing what the other person thinks before addressing your thoughts? This is the essence of a compare and contrast approach to arranging the personal essay. It is also important to remember that the organization technique considers the theme as the central point for arrangement. Consider the following:

  • The introduction of the story by discussing the other person's view and then putting into an own perspective views
  • Taking into account the thought of the others about the person being considered before comparing and contrasting with their views on the body section
  • Making a summary of personal ideas with regards to the person in the conclusion part of the personal goals essay.

Using Conflict Resolution Approach

In this case, we are looking at both the internal and external conflicts to arrive at a great personal goal essay. The following are some of the important points when using the approach:

  • Creating narratives around the disagreement, you have had with the other party
  • Giving a full description of the person in terms of the person he or she is, the background of the person and the body structure
  • Discussing the second story if conflict and remember to offer a solution that leads to a closer connection with the person
  • Highlighting the substantial lessons learned from the conflict
  • The last tale whereby vital lessons learned is vividly explained to others.

Exposé/ Hope Upturned strategy

In this strategy, the idea is to:

  • Reveal how you perceive the person or judge him or her
  • Carry out an analysis of the person to establish his or her background, the physical traits of the person and his or her relationship with you or the surrounding environment
  • The initial interaction with the person or simply the first time that the writer met the person is very important for writing personal


Creatively we can come up with a great essay when factoring in some of the lessons that this paper presented including the styles. A great personal goal essay does not only earn a student great grades. In essence, it also becomes a lesson that can be shared with other presently and in the future. Every writer should not ignore the power of thought processes and logical arrangement of a personal essay. If the purpose for which he or she is writing is to live a lasting memory in the mind of the reader, then he should consider it.

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