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Essay Writing And Creating the Perfect Story

You have probably been faced with the Herculean task of putting together an essay as part of your course work, an assignment, or an actual application essay which can determine the course of your new few years. If essay writing is not your favourite thing, you are definitely not alone. Many students struggle with having to write essays, and some even would rather send in the essay to be written by professionals to avoid the entire process of having to research, and then write an essay and finally send it in.

Essay writing is generally a difficult part of schooling for most students, but, with excellent tips and tricks, your essay writing could definitely move from being more and more difficult to to being increasingly easy. All you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the tips necessary for you to present excellent writing.

The first thing you should know is that there are several types of essays. Each of the types of essays are there for specific reasons and so when you are asked to write an essay, the reason and the type of essay that is required from you usually follow. You should have a fair grasp over writing a fairly good essay, no matter the type of essay you are required to write.

The basic tips to essay writing are as follows:

  1. Never procrastinate

The time given to you to write an essay is very crucial. Most times, it is the exact amount of time you would need to do your research and come up with a good essay. Most students fall prey to procrastination, resulting in them having the issue of rushing t finish the essay. A rushed essay is almost never good and can almost never come out excellent. The result ends up being low marks and a low countenance. Also, when you rush to complete the essay, you end up with several mistakes with grammar and plagiarism because you would never have enough time to perform the necessary checks before you send the phone in. Think about this the next time you are given an essay to write and you consider procrastinating.

  1. Choose a favorable topic

Most of the time, the required topic is given to you so you are in no dilemma of choosing a topic that would be good for you. Choosing a topic can actually be quite difficult for students because there are so many things t consider before you make your final choice. The topic you choose must first be suited for the amount of words you have been asked to write. Secondly, your topic, especially if the essay is a research paper, should have sources which can easily be attained. Thirdly, the topic has to be something you are passionate about. Students do not need to be told that topics that they are passionate about are generally easy to write. Finally, the topic should be one that allows you to make the most of your writing potential. When picking a topic, these four things have to be in mind.

If you are struggling with choosing the right topic, you should consider getting help. Most schools give tutors and supervisors to help students when they are picking topics. You could also join a group so that you can bounce ideas off colleagues. That way, you will end up with a good enough topic.

  1. Plan your essay.

Regardless of the kind of essay you are writing, planning your essay is a very important part of the process. People tend to forgo planning when they think that the essay they are writing is an easy one. A good example of such an essay is a narrative essay. When students are asked to write narrative essays, especially, personal narrative essays, they tend to forget that planning and writing down points is important if you want your essay to be excellent. Planning is important because it lets you know just how much attention it give to each point in the essay. It also allows you to know how to frame your essay such that it is written using the required tone and voice. Once you plan your essay and your essay writing, you will be able to use your time wisely to come up with a good essay.

  1. Seek help

If it is your first time writing an essay of its kind, seeking help is crucial if you want to stay on track. As mentioned before, most schools give students this help in the form of tutors and study groups. Do not feel shy to ask for help when writing your essay. Course mates who might have been in that situation long before you could easily help you to determine where to fix your attention and how to write so that at the end of the day, your time is spent efficiently getting a good essay, and not on any other things.

  1.  Read a lot

One of the ways you can get better at writing is by exposing yourself to different forms of it. The more you read, the better you become at writing. You easily start to mimic the writing styles you are exposed to, so choosing good writers to emulate on several topics is the way to go if you have it in mind to become a better writer.

Reading books, articles and journals helps you to become proficient in your writing and helps you to adapt your writing style to a more progressive and professional approach.

Narrative Essay Writing

If you have been wondering ‘what is a narrative essay', hopefully, this article has you covered.

Narrative Essays require that you write a story or report. When writing such essays, not much research is needed because you are basically telling the reader what you have witnessed or what has been seen. The difference between a narrative essay and a narrative is the presence or absence of a thesis statement. Theses statements allow you to tell your readers what you are about to talk about. The theses statement should form part of your introduction.

There are different kinds of narrative essays based on what is being narrated.

Here are some types:

  1. Personal narrative essay or autobiographical narrative essay
  2. Report
  3. Interview essay

The personal narrative essay, otherwise known as the autobiographical essay is an essay which focuses on the writer. In this type of essay, the writer talks about his or her experiences in life which have shaped his world view or attitude towards life. Most of the time, these events have a moral or lesson which had a great influence on the writer. In case such an essay is required of you, there are certain steps to take to ensure that you are giving the readers exactly what they asked of you.

Such essays are required when students are applying into various schools and colleges, applying into medical school or maybe even applying for a job and awaiting an interview. The recruiters usually ask for such essays so that the readers could simply get an idea of who the person they are recruiting is.

A personal narrative essay is also one which goes a long way to tell of the creativity of the writer. Writing such essays and turning mundane life experiences into interesting ones require some creative skills. Any recruiter is more than happy to have someone who can spin tales out of boring everyday occurrences on their team, especially if the person is honest and authentic in his writing.

Writing an Autobiographical Narrative Essay

The autobiographical narrative essay requires certain features that make it very similar to a story. Even though such essays may be the easiest to write, you might need some guidelines in order to make it a good narrative essay.

Here are some tips that can help you to write your essay.

  1. Plan the essay- In planning the essay you need certain points. Firstly, you need to know what essay you are writing and what mood you want to capture. Based on that you can start looking at topics. When planning your essay, choosing an essay topic which works well with the number of words you are required to write goes a long way in determining how the essay turns out. First of all, make sure that you have a rough idea about how you wish the essay would go, and based on this idea you can make certain moves.

In planning your essay, apart from choosing a topic which falls in line with the number of words you have been asked to write, taking your time to brainstorm about the different events in your life that you would like to write about goes a long way in determining the kind of essay you will end up writing. You might want to take out your pen and paper since this planning requires writing.

  1. Begin the writing process as soon as possible. Never procrastinate when you are given a personal narrative essay to write. Resist the temptation to leave the essay writing to the last possible minute. Ensure that the time you use to plan and to write the essay leave enough room for you to go over your essay several times before sending it in. Narrative essays have the tendency to end up with several mistakes. Do well to ensure that your narrative essay is devoid of all this.

When writing, have the points you made during the writing process nearby so that you can easily refer. Guard against forgetting what you are supposed to write and going off on your own writing spree. As comfortable as you are, choose to write your essay with set guidelines so that you do not lose your readers.

  1. When writing your essay, ask about the required guidelines that have been recommended by the board you are writing to. When it comes to writing narrative essays, there is usually a lot of freedom for you to write as authentically as you possibly can. You should be careful to find out what is required of you the writer especially if you are writing your personal narrative essay to impress an examining or admission board. Never choose to write your essay without first knowing exactly what is required.
  1. Choose orderliness. Every part of your essay should be orderly. The events in your story must follow the right chronological order so that the readers can easily follow the progression of the story. When you are writing the story, knowing the exact style of writing necessary to appeal to your readers goes a long way in deciding your fate especially with examination essays or essays you are writing to get admission.
  1. Write passionately and authentically. Personal narrative essays are required for the very reason they are so named. They go a long way in revealing who the writer is. It is in the best interest of the writer to be honest and authentic in his writing. Being passionate about your writing also ensures that you write your best. Avoid telling lies in your personal narrative essay. Instead, come up with creative ways of writing the stories you wish to tell so that your professors and everybody reading are impressed.

Hopefully ‘What is a narrative essay' will no longer be the question on your mind after reading this essay. You would have probably come up with excellent ways to better your writing skills and present an excellent autobiographical essay based on the tips and given. Always keep your readers in mind and choose to properly plan your essay to result in better essays being written all the time. At the end of the day, a well written essay is a delight to read. Never lose that.

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