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What is a Personal Narrative Essay?

Are you one of those writers who loves telling stories? If you do, then you should know how to write personal narrative essays. Of course, we know that you might be asking yourself, "What is a personal narrative paper?" Well, to answer your question, it's merely a speech or essay that's used to tell your story. Here, you will need to talk about your personal experiences on various issues.

You can even use anecdotes to engage and communicate better with your readers. Finally, any successful narrative essay will follow these three essential traits:

  1. Personal narrative projects follow a central point
  2. They contain specific details which support the subject in question
  3. They are chronologically arranged in time

With this crucial information in mind, we can now look at the different narrative essay topics that you could use to kick-start your writing. Have a look!

Narrative Essay Topics for All College Students

Writing an essay is a crucial part of any curriculum. In most cases, it represents close to a quarter of your overall grade. Therefore, it's essential that you write an appealing personal narrative paper if you want to have an easy time while in school. Use the following topics to draw some inspiration.

  1. Which Is The Most Exciting Book That You've Read Of Late?
  2. Why Do You Love Reading?
  3. Who Are Your Favorite Authors And Why?
  4. Favorite Young Adult Novels Or Books
  5. Interesting Books That You've Read During Your Summer Vacation
  6. Memorable And Exciting Poems That You've Read So Far
  7. Why Should You Create An Online Learning Or Academic Blog?
  8. Talk About The Reasons Why You Love Writing
  9. The Most Intriguing Things You've Seen During A School Visit To The Museum
  10. Would You Trade Paper Notes For The Digital Versions?
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Amazing Narrative Essay Ideas on Social Media

We all love using sites like Twitter and Facebook to talk to our large group of followers and friends. Such websites or platforms continue to grow with time, and their story is quite impressive. So, you'll need to find some personal narrative examples of writing for your interested audience and here are some options:

  1. How Would You Describe Your Personality On A Site Like Facebook?
  2. An Unforgettable Moment You Had While On Twitter
  3. Does Twitter Sometimes Leave You Feeling Sad?
  4. Will You Delete Your Account On Facebook And Why?
  5. How Often Do You Use Social Media?
  6. How Has Instagram Changed Your Life?
  7. Reasons Why You Enjoy Sharing Photos
  8. A Tweet Or Facebook Message That You'll Never Forget
  9. A Terrible Video Or Picture That Went Viral On Facebook
  10. What Do You Think Would Happen If Your Parents Read Your Facebook Posts One Day?

Personal Narrative Examples for All Music Lovers

Try closing your eyes and imagine a world without the sound of music, quite impossible right? After all, even today, we still remember musical legends like Michael Jackson and The Beetles and how their music transformed and enriched our lives.

So, as a narrative speechwriter, you must educate the future and current generation about the great musicians that have graced the stage over time. However, if you don't know what to write, you can start with these personal narrative ideas:

  1. Talk About The Type Of Music You Love Listening To
  2. Recall And Talk About The Person Who Introduced You To The World Of Music
  3. Which Songs Do You Enjoy Listening To While Hanging Out With Your Friends
  4. Describe And Explain The Music Which Inspires Or Motivates You
  5. Look For Personal Narrative Ideas On Memorable Karaoke Moments
  6. Who Do You Think Are The Best Songwriters Of Today's Generation?
  7. Musicians Who Let Their Fans Down Because Of Drug Abuse
  8. Who's Favorite Pop Male And Female Artist And Why?
  9. The Personalities Of Pop Musicians And Their Incredible Lives
  10. What Do You Feel Are The Reasons For The Growth Of The Hip Hop In The United States?

Personal Narrative Essay Ideas on Sports and Games

Which game do you love watching or playing? Do you have sporting experience that you'll never forget? These are just some of the personal narrative essay ideas you should be asking yourself when it comes to sports. Others are as follows:

  1. In Your Personal Narrative Essay, Talk About An Injury You Sustained While On The Football Pitch
  2. How Have Constant Exercises Changed Your Life
  3. Which Football League Do You Feel Is The Best In The World?
  4. What Can You Say About The New England Patriots And Their Rise To Stardom
  5. Given The Chance, Which Game Would You Like To Redesign?
  6. Mention The Reasons Why You Love Attending The World Rugby Seven Circuit Games In Your Narrative Essay
  7. Which Is Your Most Exciting Sports Experience So Far?
  8. How Can You Describe Your First Football World Cup? Did It Meet Your Expectations?
  9. Who Do You Think Is The Greatest Of All Time, Ronaldo Or Messi?
  10. How Do You Feel The Latest Cases Of Corruption In Sports Are Affecting The Lives Of Sportsmen And Women?

How to Write a Personal Narrative Essay That Grabs Your Readers Attention

Sites like the New Yorker are known for their long personal narrative essay structure. However, a compelling narrative essay can be as short as 3 or 5 paragraphs. Furthermore, just like other essay projects, your narrative paper, should follow this basic outline:

  • An Introduction - This is the opening paragraph and usually comes with a powerful hook to capture the attention and focus of your diverse audiences
  • Main body - The heart of your essay
  • Conclusion - The final section of your paper which sums everything up

The Bottom Line When Writing Any Narrative Speech

We know that choosing a topic form the vast range of narrative essay ideas is not always easy. However, you only need to concentrate on this well-developed and organized narrative speech ideas. These prompts will show you how to write a personal narrative essay and although some of them are quite broad, we're sure they'll spark a creative idea!

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