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If you wish to motivate others, you need to choose a highly persuasive speech. Selecting a relevant persuasive speech topic will enable you to jot down a remarkable speech that will gather the attention of your tutors, fellow students, colleagues, or whoever is lending you his/her ear. Most students are required to write down a persuasive essay for different types of occasions. In fact, there is a high probability that you could be required to write down one about current affairs and present it in front of your class.

Convincing your readers and ensuring that they view things from your perspective is a dream only achieved if your text is crafted correctly. A speech that is well-written will highlight not only what you have studied your topic thoroughly but will also come to get your point across seamlessly. The audiences will see that you have researched well and made all the valid points.

However, many students have to wreck their brains when trying to think of good persuasive speech topics for an upcoming assignment. In this article, you will find many different subjects on which you can flex your writing muscles and jot down an exquisite piece of writing. But before we dive into the persuasive topics, let us go through some of its basics.

What Constitutes A Persuasive Speech?

This is an altogether unique type of writing where the speaker needs to put across his perspective in a highly convincing manner. It has to be so arranged to convince the listener, so they can accept some, if not all, parts of the writer's perspective.

While the predominant goal might be to convince the audiences about accepting a particular point of view, not all will be satisfied or persuaded by a single speech. Ultimately, what will determine your success will largely depend on how easily the audience has been able to accept the speaker/writer of the speech.

In this example of a sales pitch, the speaker tries his/her best to convince the listener to purchase his/her services or products. The salesperson's success will depend on whether or not you will buy the product/service from the person.

What Are The Constituents Of A Persuasive Speech?

Apart from ethos being an indispensable constituent of a compelling speech, other aspects such as logos and pathos also need to be utilized to shape the best possible argument.

While you are attempting to establish trustworthiness with your listeners, it is eventually up to them based on their point of view. If the listener does not identify your material as credible, they will have a difficult time keeping pace with your argument.

Appeal to one’s logic, or the logos, is the arguments in your topic that showcases data and disclose why a statement has to be logically accurate. One example of logical arguments would be the arguments heard in law courts.

Appealing to one’s emotions, or pathos is aimed to make the audiences feel in a precise manner in order for them to believe your conclusion. A great example of pathos would be political propaganda that incorporates and make use of emotions by comparing a substituting the image of an opponent with negative emotions like fear or hatred.

Persuasive Speech Examples & How To Succeed In Writing

You must speak to the minds of as many people as possible; this is perhaps the most potent method of beginning your speech. Try to cater to the feelings of the listener by making them laugh or talking about your personal experience; by telling a touching anecdote, will you be able to engage the viewers and make them listen to whatever it is that needs to be conveyed more attentively.

Exactly how effective your speech is going to also depend on several other factors, besides the words. The willingness of the listeners also needs to be taken into account. To ensure success, you need to establish a strong ethos. You also need to focus on combining logos and pathos effectively to deliver the most logical argument.

Know that your own understanding of what the listener may be like is of significant import when trying to construct a compelling talk. Persuasive speech examples could constitute you trying to compel children (your audience) that Santa Claus is not real. You need to construct arguments that they can relate to, like asking them to return to the time when they found out that he was not real and how they felt about it, rather than using your own negative experiences.

Differences between Persuasive and Informative Speech

The critical variation between both forms of speech is what the listener thinks the deliverables are –opinions or facts. Both types of speech are distantly related, but different from each other. The speaker's end goal makes them two separate types of speech.

Informative speeches are quite common these days since they include facts and objective information regarding a topic to be conveyed to the audience. For this purpose, facts and statistics are used as evidence. The goal is not to walk through the listeners with the data at hand, just to have them understand it. Persuasive speech examples of this include lectures given in an academic setting, where the professor is simply providing the facts so that the disciples can soak it in. The goal of this is to supply data, rather than entertainment and excitement.

Persuasive speeches, too, like informative speeches, make use of information. But, its ulterior motive is to persuade the listener to see the picture from the speaker’s perspective, apart from hearing and having a cursory understanding. Apart from making use of factual information, the speaker might also make use of emotion to grab the minds of the audience. As mentioned above, a sales proffer is the epitome of the best topics for a persuasive speech.

What Are Some Great Persuasive Speech Topics?

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Listed below are a few topics for a persuasive speech :

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics Regarding Animals

  • Different ways by which we can help out animals to live in better conditions.

  • Is keeping odd animals at pets safe or good for them?

  • Is spraying pets an excellent way to control their overpopulation?

  • Is it right to keep exotic animals as pets and deprive them of their natural milieu?

  • Is it rational to be afraid of a harmless, yet scary and frightening, animal?

  • Can a service animal change your life?

  • Is it ethical to euthanize stray animals?

  • Should we make use of products that come from animal fur?

Persuasive Speech About Mental Health

  • Does peer pressure add to mental instability during the teenage years?

  • What causes psychological stress in students?

  • Does media content lead to more suicides among students?

  • When should students be provided with medication to combat mental problems?

  • What differentiates phobias among children, teenagers, and adults?

  • Do our differences make us unique?

  • Is it reasonable to assume that personality disorders can be recognized easily recognize among teenagers?

Topics About Business

  • Should employers forego not asking about the personal lives of their employees?

  • Should employers ask be allowed to ask about the social media accounts of their employees?

  • Delegation and its importance

  • How can negative feedback be used to better sales?

  • What are marketing ideas of an unorthodox nature worth?

  • How do you build your company up for success with no funds?

  • Why passion is a pre-requisite in business?

  • Social media and its impact on marketing?

  • To what extent are your future prospects affected by your current market position?

Persuasive Speech For Children

  • What is the best method of approaching a challenging mathematical problem?

  • Overcoming public speaking anxiety

  • Having an essay title that speaks volumes

  • Which sports should you play to remain healthy?

  • How do you overcome the feeling of shyness while talking to other people?

  • Are schoolers given a reasonable amount of tasks?

  • How do you deal with bullies?

  • Should we classify students based on their exam results?

  • Should children below the age of 16 be allowed to engage in social media?

  • Should mental well-being and health be made a part of a school curriculum?

  • Are the music videos of today appropriate for children/teenagers to watch?

  • Can aggression among children and teenagers be attributed to video games?

Good Persuasive Speech Topics Regarding Medicine

  • What things should you do to improve the functioning of your brain and body?

  • How do you boost your immunity?

  • Knowing the correct salt amount that you should ingest?

  • Do diet beverages actually make a difference?

  • Should non-smokers be given priority on the organ donor list?

  • How does a cell phone affect our brains?

  • To what extent does dental care affect dental health?

  • Overcoming back pain through different treatments How often should one donate blood?

  • Can we blame the food industry for obesity?

  • Mental problems are affecting everyone as a society.

  • What are the truths and myths of alternative medication?

  • Why do we gloss over migraines in workplaces and at schools?

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics About Public Speaking

  • What are some simple methods of overcoming stress?

  • Should humans be permitted to meddle with the weather?

  • The morality of paying more taxes

  • Is it morally correct to give students the leeway to skip school?

  • Is it desirable to allow students to pick schools of their own choices?

  • How lenient should laws regarding immigration be?

  • Is it desirable to have afternoon school?

  • Is it desirable to ban single-use plastics?

  • Banning texting while driving.

  • Is living underwater just a science fiction, or can it be made into a reality?

  • Thoughts on making time to be with one’s grandparents.
  • Who is a hero? What makes that person a hero?

  • What does competitive sporting teach people about life?

Persuasive Topics For Scientific Speech

  • Playing with strangers online

  • Video games are gaining popularity among adults today as well.

  • The link between the gaming industry and quality of life

  • Can behavioral problems be attributed to games?

  • Is life without computers possible? Video games are a great source of life wisdom.

  • How does virtual reality affect the perception of people?

  • The link between playing video games and an increase in brain functionality and muscle coordination

  • The link between video games and depression Video games are the top causes of stress today.

Persuasive Speech Topics Related To Culture and Art

  • Why do lists encourage better comprehension?

  • Can reading amusing and inspiration quotes improve your mood?

  • Can action movies lead to stress?

  • Can movies convince you to think in a way you are not inclined?

  • Can an artist be on the outskirts of the law when working on a project?

  • Do the lyrics of a song affect our lives in any way?

  • Link between reality shows and mental health.

Tips For Creating a Convincing Speech

Simply having informative materials is not good enough. There are specific guidelines that you need to adhere to. These will aid you in penning down a compelling speech


Perhaps the best way to pen down compelling, persuasive speech is to follow outlines. These outlines will serve as a frame so that you can check your progress while working. It will also ensure that you don’t go awry with your thoughts and can deliver on the persuasive speech ideas that you wish to discuss in your content.

Employing proper Vocabulary

Appropriate diction and the right grammar will aid you in keeping your speech succinct and engaging. You want people to lend you their ears and stay motivated while you are speaking your best persuasive speech topics. The right verbiage will ensure that you are able to convey your message precisely.

Use Examples

Using examples can greatly assist in demonstrating your perspective. It also ensures that your audience remains engaged. This way, people will much easily lend you their ears and be interested in your best persuasive speech topics.


It takes much time and dedicated effort to pen down a persuasive speech. Choosing the best persuasive speech ideas and penning down your thoughts to convince your listeners can go a long way. This is your opportunity to express yourself, so there’s no room for furtive behavior. Of course, you might have some downfalls along the way, so get back right up and learn from your pitfalls.

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