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Problem Solution Essay

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Writers for this type of article begin by:

  • Identifying the problem that ought to be sorted
  • Identifying the best solution for resolving the issue
  • Ensuring that the solution that is best for the problem is error-free and will not be attacked by others
  • Selecting only the best of the options so that the group can appreciate that indeed there is no other better solution other than the one presented

Coming up with a Topic for the Essay

Problem solution essay can be achieved with the best topic; otherwise, a writer will not find it easy to write according to what he or she perceives in mind. Topics are the most difficult elements to select when you have no clue about the problem that you want to solve.

Level One: Look at:

  • Sporting clubs
  • The relatives
  • The community-based organization or the group
  • The writing club
  • The journalist organization.

Level Two: Listing of the Problems

We could be stuck and find it challenging to get the best topic or a better way of defining the problem that we seek to address, but that should not be the case. Given that some of the key aspects of an individual's life can be affected by others in terms of association and grouping they prefer, the problem identification becomes even easier because where people congregate for whatever reason, misunderstandings are bound to arise. In this case, all that ought to be done is to ensure that the problems are written down in the list format. As we select the best out of them, a counter solution that is effective should as well be chosen.

Level Three: Checking out for the Available Options

We might still find it difficult to generate a good topic for the essay on conflict resolution, but there are always some helpful ways to get a topic. We can look at some examples from essay writing services such as this to get the best topic.

Level Four: Creating a Guide to Help

After we have navigated the most challenging part which is to come up with a topic for the problem and solution essay has been done, we might now think of creating a guide or looking the ones available to help us move to the next step.

Discovering Solutions for the Essay on Conflict Resolution

Generally, all the conflict essays must be countered by offering a solution to the problem that they present. It is the role of the writer to ensure that he does not just present a problem and fails to offer a solution because that will definitely not be a problem solution essay. When looking for an effective solution, we need to consider the following:

  • Is the solution opted for implementable without any difficulty?
  • Is our answer to the question posed by the group in terms of the misunderstandings effective enough
  • Are we able to implement the solution without incurring the unnecessary cost?
  • How realistic is the solution?
  • A sample Guideline for Approaching Conflict Resolution Essay.

Suggesting a Solution

Alternatively, a writer can approach the problem solution essay by ensuring that he or she first thinks about the solution and by doing so he or she ensures that the group comes up with a compromise with regards to the problem, he or she ensures that something is taken by motivating the team and rules are made to guide the team. This is the right way of finding a lasting solution to a problem that a team could be facing.

Also, educating the team could be the best solution in addition to instituting new leadership to verse the changes that might be needed for the successful running of a group or a team. This can be equated to adding something to the team.

Explaining How it Works

We have a solution, so what next? For groups or teams, it is imperative to get the divergent positions to work as a team. It is equally important to apply some tactics that emotionally appeal to the side to take action or initiatives. We had earlier suggested that rules need to be changed or formulated to regulate the team or oversee its operations. Now, we need to give the much-needed recommendations on the way the group can amass the resources to carry out the implementation of the rules or laws.

Also, it is essential to later the usual ways of doing things within a group or team set up. In that case, it is imperative to ensure that the team is given the incentives to effect the change. Such incentives can be via information we provide or real incentives that are necessary. If it is in the workplace, we may require paying the worker.

Making an Assumption of the Causes of the Problems

A writer needs to think of possible reasons that make disagreements happen within a group or a team, and these could be assumed to be that any issue or genesis of disagreement within a team is caused by people's inability to carry out their mandates in accordance to the rules of the group or team. The cause could be due to the inefficiency of the current rules or laws; it could be because the members of the team are not following the right procedures in carrying out their mandate.

We can also assume that because of the leadership gap or incapability as displayed by the leaders, member of the team has since developed a negative attitude that brings about a problem to the team. Or we can think of insufficient resources as the root cause of the problem and conclude that indeed, there is a problem to look at in our essay on conflict resolution.

Offering Examples that Worked

For the problem and solution essay, it is imperative that we let the team or the target audience appreciate that every problem can indeed be solved. In that case, we can cite the outcome of treaties or contracts between nations. We can think of the advertisements that have proved to be effective and give them as examples for the team to have confidence that our suggestion will indeed apply. How about the engagement of the parents in maintaining discipline in our schools? This may as well be a citable example.

If the staff of an organization is less motivated and they are not reporting to work on time, probably we can cite situations where they have been paid and reporting time adjusted thus making them change not only their attitude but also their commitment to the organization.

Writing a Conflict Resolution Essay

As simple as it looks like, writing conflict essay may require us to organize ourselves better and put things into perspective. We need to ask ourselves what the main goals are and list them as follows:

  • To draw the attention of the person reading the conflict resolution essay to the problem
  • To change the attitude of the reader by making them understand the importance of the problem and why it has to be solved as soon as possible
  • To vividly let the reader of the conflict essay understand the solution
  • To avert the reader's fear with regards to the cost implication of the answer
  • To persuade the readers to come to an understanding of the solution as the best for the problem cited.

Introduction for a Conflict Essay

Have a thesis statement and the following in this section of a problem and solution essay

  • The existent problem
  • Explanation of the problem
  • Recognition of the impact of the problem.

Introductory ideas for conflict resolution essay are as follows:

  • True narratives
  • Real-life experiences
  • Statistical figures
  • Facts
  • Context
  • Citing examples
  • Painting the picture
  • Visual aids.

Thesis Statement: Writing Ideas

  • Ought to be in one sentence
  • First, explain the issue and then write the thesis.

Writing the Body of the Conflict Resolution Essay

Among the content, so of the body for a conflict essay include:

  • Solutions elaborated vividly
  • Highlighting the problem
  • Showing the means of funding and the funders
  • Showing examples of solutions that have proven to be effective.

Writing a Conclusion

Problem and solution essay must be ended by some very interesting facts, and that is what ought to appear in conclusion. As we look at the conclusion, it is imperative to think of it as a paragraph or two that must summarize the main points that we put in the paper;

  • Remind the reader what you told them with regards to the solution and the problem that made you think about the solution
  • Restate the thesis statement
  • Explain in details the adoption of the resolution and how it will significantly alter things
  • Provide sufficient examples of the solutions that have yielded results
  • Provide facts and real-life instances to lend weight to the conclusion.

Tips for Writing a Problem Solution Essay

  1. The tone of the essay should be persuasive
  2. Consider the writer's point of view
  3. Audience analysis should be carried out.

Convincing the Audience

The purpose of a conflict resolution essay must go beyond being a document for readers to get some information that they are seeking to provide workable solutions to the issues that concern the readers. In that note, it is essential to have a balance by putting the readers into consideration. Analyzing the audience would be ideal in sorting out the problem amicably because the appropriate audience will reinforce the implementation of the solution that the writer has proposed. In that case, loot at:

  1. Who are the audiences of the essay on conflict resolution we are creating?
  2. We want them to believe that the solution is effective. Will they?
  3. What appeals are we making that align to their values and beliefs?
  4. Are we on the same plane with the readers, or is there something that they would prefer that we don't know?
  5. Which are those particular preferences that we need to stress on in the conflict essay?

Problem vis a vis Argumentation

We derive the issues that need to be addressed quite often from the argumentation essay. In other words, if we manage to convince the readers or the target audience to contend with our position and agree with us, then they will be more interested in the proposition. Argumentations usually project certain positions and solutions without giving plans. On the flip side, the two are functional in the following ways:

  • They are both descriptive in the sense that they give an account of the problem and the condition
  • They both project a certain position that is meant to convince the target audience to appreciate
  • They are both intended to provoke a thought form the reader with regards to the subject being discussed
  • They may call for some form of action from the target audience.

The Particulars of a Problem Solution Essay as Compared to Argumentations

The variations that imminently transpire when the two are compared is that problem and solution essays go an extra step and provides a formal plan regarding the solution in place for the issues established. Within its body, the argument is for a solution in details:

  • The things that need to be done are among the components of a problem and solution essay
  • The HOW aspect of solution implementation is another central concern for conflict essays
  • The reason is also another important factor for essay of this nature
  • Justification for the choice of the solution is also very paramount when we are thinking about the essay
  • The solution's cost implication must be factored in the essay to convince the target audience that the solution will not cause losses to the team
  • Comparing the solution with other and arriving at a decision that it is the best should as well be the premise of a good essay on conflict resolution.


While we haggle within our teams, there is always a more significant opportunity to create a solution that we can present as an essay. What is of more importance is the fact that we can choose to be part of the solution and drive our ideas to nullify unfavorable situations in the groups that we are part of.

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