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Profile Essay Example

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A profile essay can be exhausting, especially if one does not know where to start. When writing a profile essay example of an individual, try to bring out the most crucial and fascinating facts going on in his life at that time. There is unlimited freedom on the choice of a subject you can make, for example, you can write about a company, organization, a product or current events. The focal points of this type of essay should be:

  • Focus on the personal and the occupation life of your subject.

  • Give reasons why you feel that your subject is important

  • Base your essay on the results of the interview you conducted.

  • Provide the readers with facts that portray the nature of the subject

Points to Follow Before Writing a Profile Essay

The aim of a profile essay is to provide your audience with a thorough description of your subject. Provide the reader with new information. Common knowledge will make your essay boring. The points below will help you to get organized.

  • Be Knowledgeable

For you to write an effective profile essay example for college, you need to read from many sources, for example, interviews are free and easily available on the internet. Other sources include journals, magazines, and periodicals. While reading these profiles note down ideas, subjects, thoughts, layout, the introduction, body, and how the conclusion is structured. Reading gives you an idea of how things work while equipping you with fundamental knowledge of writing. You will be able to understand how different parts of a profile fit into the structure of the essay. The more you read, the more knowledge you amass and in no time you will find writing a profile essay to be a simple act.

  • Selecting a Subject

The subject remains a crucial factor for your essay, so it is important to make great considerations when choosing one. Subjects range from people to inanimate objects. Choosing a famous subject will increase the number of readers by arousing their interest. Whatever subject you pick, remember to prepare adequately before. When writing a profile essay example of a place, you will need to about the historical background, unique details, and facts about that place.

Below are Tips to Consider When writing a Profile Essay

  • Use correct and exclusive details especially if the information you got is not supported by concrete evidence; for example, information based on memories can be biased and not factual.

  • Include all the facts about a place not just favoring one side by avoiding the controversial issues. A good way to include all the issues is by writing from various perspectives

  • Link the physical place with ideas that portray certain meaning to your readers.

  • Remember to use a verifiable source that is up to date.

The Components of a Profile Essay

When it comes to writing a profile essay, you should be aware of its components.

  1. Introduction

This acts as the face of your essay by giving a glimpse of what to anticipate in the subsequent parts. It gives the relevance of the title. It gives the main points that are detailed in your essay.

Writing a good introduction is important because the points mentioned here are used to build up your essay. This is the bedrock of your entire essay. The body of your essay is made up of the points mentioned in the introduction. There are various ways you can start an essay, for personal profile essay example, you can use a quote, a verifiable truth or even an unusual fact about your subject.

  1. The Body

This part gives the exclusive details of the points illustrated in the introduction. Each paragraph starts with a major idea. This information is explained in detail throughout the paragraph. The major point of the first paragraph should refer to the first point in the introduction. The subsequent paragraphs should follow this order. When writing an example of personality profile essay, the total points in the introduction should be equal to the number of paragraphs in the body.

  1. Conclusion

This part mirrors the details of the introduction and the body. Basically, it gives a summary of your essay in a few sentences. It should correlate to the topic of your essay. You should remind your readers about the relevance of the essay, its aims and if they are achieved. The conclusion contains your last words concerning your topic.

Practice Makes Perfect

Doing something frequently over a long time makes you an expert. Athletes and other sportsmen know this; that is why they spend countless hours training for a single event. Likewise, if a student wants to master the art of writing a good profile essay, the secret is to write more. Write about a different subject every time. You can practice interviews with your friends and family. When practicing, you can start by writing short and detailed essays using interesting titles. Concentrate on your writing and ask for feedback from the relevant authority.

Final Touches

After writing your essay, comes another crucial part that is proofreading. Reading your essay several times will enable you to identify any spelling or punctuation errors. Review how the ideas in your essay connect to each other and identify if you have followed the instructions dictated to you.

The Following Example of a Profile Essay will Give You an Idea of The Points Illustrated Above

The Olympics

The Olympic Games are held after every four years. People from all walks of life participate in this event. The modern-day Olympic Games are the improved version of the ancient Olympic Games. Both summer and winter games are played by diverse nationalities. There are different categories including youth games and Paralympics.

The ancient Olympic Games were first held in ancient Greece as a form of religious and athletic activities. Personalities from different kingdoms and cities competed in games such as wrestling, athletics, chariot, and horse racing events. The ancient Greeks participated in these activities while offering ritual sacrifices to their god Zeus. Those who won were awarded admiration, songs, and through other forms of art.

Both summer and winter time games were played during different seasons. The winter games include sports like ice skating and ice hockey. However, winter games are held after every four years but two years after every Summer Olympics. Summertime games include boxing, volleyball, tennis, diving, cycling, gymnastics, and football, just to mention a few. For one to qualify for participation they must have attained a certain position in a major world sport. In a given activity, only three sportspersons can represent a nation. In activities that require teams, only one team is allowed to represent its sovereign state. The winter games are performed on ice and snow. Different activities were added, for example, short track speed skating, snowboarding, and freestyle.

Youth games categorize players of between14-18 years. The first such games were held in Singapore. Although they ran for a few days, the activities coincided but there were slight differences in the number of disciplines to be performed. The age of these athletes is determined by how old they are by the last day of December in the year they are performing. Education is a great aspect of the Youth Olympics. They focus on health and wellbeing, the environment, different cultures, and diverse occupations. Athletes from mixed genders and races are also considered.

The Paralympics involve athletes with various deformities like vision challenges, polio, and limb deformities. This category is divided into various games, for example, impaired muscle power, vision impairment, leg length difference among others.

The Olympic Games held every four years bring diverse people together for a common cause. Different categories of seasonal games are incorporated in the Olympics People with different abilities and ages are included like the youth and the physically challenged therefore, nobody feels left out. Games and other exercises are important for physical and mental stability. These games not only provide competition, but they are a great way to pass time productively especially for the youth. They act as an outlet for all their energy. The Olympics are important for maintaining international peace and for keeping young people occupied.


A good profile essay example for college is the one that contains all the correct information about the subject. This is achieved through research and extensive reading. Following the correct format will ensure that your ideas are free-flowing. Introduce your points at the beginning then explain them in the middle part which is the body. Keep the conclusion short but straight to the point. Reading your essay several times after writing will enable you to identify grammatical errors. Writing a profile essay is as simple as any other essay as long as you make the necessary preparations.

With the example of a profile essay provided plus guidelines, are you now confident enough to write a profile essay of your own? We offer customized writing help services, with a wide selection of professional writers to help you with any type of writing assignment. Get in touch with us today for expert help.

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