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Research Paper Introductions Example

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One of the most common things that students are bound to come across during their college lives is great research paper expectations from their professors. There are myriads of strategies and techniques that one can take to crafting the perfect research paper. However, it is good for you to note that having an excellent research paper introduction can be viewed as the single-best trick that every student should have up his/her sleeve. This is primarily because the manner in which a professor will judge a student`s writing is dependent on the paper`s beginning. Most people cannot restrain themselves from “judging a book by its cover” so to be on the safe side, learning how to write a research paper introduction is a mandatory skill to learn. Lucky for you, this article has dived into some of the most indispensable research paper introduction writing tips that can assist any student to propel their grades to the stratosphere.

Understanding a Research Paper Introduction

The first step towards coming up with unrivaled research paper introductions is gaining a mastery of what they are. Simply put, a research paper introduction is an academic essay`s starting statement/paragraph. By having an excellent opening to your research paper, you will see to it that you have attracted your audience`s attention. This, in turn, will propel them to reading the entire paper with maximum interest to your piece and by so doing, increasing the chances of them falling in love with your work. It goes without saying that if your professor is among the people who will get hooked to your research paper in such a manner, you can rest assured of acquiring top-notch grades.

How to Come Up With a Good Introduction

The steps that have been expounded below are meant to assist you to come up with an outstanding introduction to your research paper.

Components of a Research Paper Introduction

Your example of introduction in research paper should entail the following parts:
  1. The Title
  2. Background data
  3. Literature Review
  4. An Opening Sentence/hook (Will answer the question of how to begin your research paper introduction)
  5. A thesis statement (Composed of about 2 sentences)
    Choosing a Title and Topic
The most crucial point when coming up with your research paper introduction example is placing a finger on the topic you will write about. It is essential for us to note that lecturers are not always inclined to providing students with a list of topics to choose from. This is the reason as to why students may be required to choose among numerous options to settle this issue. After choosing a topic, you can work with, then comes the crafting of a compelling title for your research paper introduction paragraph sample. One of the most grievous mistakes that students make is beginning their research papers without understanding what the topic is all about. Before you jot down a single word, ensure that you have done enough research about the academic field that the research paper falls under. The perspective that you take even before you start writing matters a lot because it plays a huge role in the manner in which you will come up with your outline. With a good understanding of the topic, it gets easier to write an outline for your research paper. After doing so, you should craft a title for your research paper before moving to the other sections of your work. The title could sound similar to your topic, or you can throw in some additional words or phrases to make it more attractive.
    The Background Data
For you to have a useful background information section, it is of the essence for you to narrow down to precise points. This means that you should avoid including any unnecessary details/ too much information in your paper`s introduction. In the event that you would want to add some complex expressions in your research paper`s body, you can mention them in this section, provided that you explain to your readers how they are connected with the paper`s main theme.
    Coming Up With a Literature Review
The difference between research papers and other types of academic papers is that judging a student`s academic prowess on his/her skills and opinions alone is not allowed. Research papers require one to also include/ review various sources of corresponding literature. This assists professors in finding out whether or not students have valid arguments. This is because relying on a student`s arguments alone would be subjective. With this in mind, the research paper introductory paragraph is the place where literature reviews are tackled. What you will require to be successful in this section is an elaborate library or an extensive online resource center. The main point of having all these is to ensure that you can comfortably choose from myriads of pieces from people that have excelled in the particular academic field that your topic is found in. You can then be in a position to retrieve quotations that can be inserted in the form of in-text-citations. In addition to this, it will make your work easier when compiling the research paper as you will have a corresponding reference for every source at the end of your research paper. It is vital for you to see to it that the work you will be deriving your literature review from belongs to renowned authorities such as field experts, or famous philosophers. In a nutshell, your research paper`s opening section should vividly reflect on what the literature that`s been used in your paper is all about and how it has assisted in expounding on the topic at hand.
    Think About Your Research Paper Introduction Hook
An exceptional introduction of research paper example is never complete without an iconic hook to capture a reader`s attention. When coming up with a hook or rationale for your research paper introduction, you should always aim at providing your potential readers with food for their thoughts by bringing to light the importance of the subject/topic in question. By doing so, you will ensure that they are hooked to the rest of your paper and can wield remarkable returns to your effort. This is because, with an outstanding hook sentence, you can rest assured that the majority of readers will have an interest in covering the entire paper or at least half of it. There are different types of hook sentences that you can use, and some of them include;
  • Anecdotes/jokes
  • Poetry quotes
  • Allegory
  • Quotes from famous people
  • Metaphors/simile
    The Thesis Statement
You shouldn`t fall in the trap of assuming that thesis statements aren`t vital for your research paper`s introduction. A thesis statement is synonymous to the research paper introduction`s conclusive part. This doesn`t mean that you should start coming up with it at the end of your research paper`s introductory paragraph. For it to be effective, it is wise to start thinking about it as you are working on your paper`s outline. Based on your thesis statement, you should choose sources that can be used to support your research paper`s arguments with valid evidence. You should be keen to remember that your entire research paper is built from the thesis statement. These sentences, as few as they may seem, could be the main determining factors of the failure or success of your research paper. An example of a weak thesis statement could be as follows; “Downloading music online and failing to pay for them is no different from pirating. It is an unfair and awful practice that everyone should strive to avoid.” An ideal thesis statement shouldn`t be as obvious as the one shown above. It is supposed to capture the readers` attention by avoiding trivial points. Below is an example of an outstanding thesis statement on the same topic; “Every time users listen, watch or download music without paying, the hard work of brilliant artists remains ignored, and their investments lose billions of dollars annually. In the long run, we find it creating huge dents in our economy."

Using Transition Phrases and Words to Connect the Introduction to the Rest of the Research Paper

After you have been able to accomplish the above, what will be left is ensuring that your readers experience a smooth transition from the introduction section of your research paper to its body. The body`s opening paragraph should start with the paper`s methodology. In light of this, the best strategy to come up with an effective transition section is to give the reader a foretaste of what he/she should expect. You can do this by explaining that there will be an extensive list of the tools that were implemented in your research paper and by doing so, you can rest assured that your work will come off as reliable.


Reading the guide above will enable you to demystify how an outstanding example of an introduction in the research paper should be crafted. From the various components that a research paper introduction paragraph should contain to the various ways that you can make these components attractive, you can rest assured that this article contains all you need to succeed. We hope your writing experience will have a paradigm-shifting change after following the guide above.