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Over the past few years, students from university and colleges have been tasked to write various types of essays; satirical being one of them.

Unlike other articles, a satire essay needs a specified kind of writing because most articles are approached formally. However, in the case of a satire essay, comedy and sarcasm should be incorporated.

The benefit that comes with having to write a satirical essay is that as an author, you have the freedom to air out what you think concerning the subject at hand.

In this article, not only will we give you the definition of a satirical essay, but also show you how to go about it.

What Are These Essays On Satire?

In the category of literature, satires are a literary form aimed at criticizing an individual for their imperfections or weaknesses in a mocking way. Satires are also used in enlightening readers when it comes to political life moments. The critical devices that are used to condemn individuals and situations are comedy and irony.

These articles are commonly used to mock national leaders, politicians, and celebrities for their imperfections. Always keep in mind that the primary purpose of this essay is not just for comedy purposes, but also for the provision of new and informative data.

What You Need to Consider Before Writing

You can write a satirical essay in a 350-word article if you are well accustomed to the methods for this writing. Here is how to write such a piece:

  • Understand Your Task

Many students commonly fail when it comes to writing these kinds of essays because of tackling the work before understanding what is needed. When you are given a satirical essay, before anything else, ensure that you take time to comprehend the basic terms and rules.

By understanding, you'll have grasped what format is needed and how you will satirize your specific question.

  • Select the Appropriate Topic for Your Essay on Satire

Have a keen eye for the subject matter and aim to use your satires in the enhancement of your topic's absurdness. This is just like how an artist can harness their skills to create satirical cartoons. Check out these examples for you to gain some clues on how to identify your goal.

When you have achieved your goal, ensure that it's backed up with comedy, hyperbole and sarcasm literary devices. That way, your essay will stand out.

By selecting the appropriate topic, you will also have accomplished the most crucial step in writing this essay. If you choose a subject that interests you, writing will then be like a walk in the park, and the readers will be able to take note of the points you're driving across.

How do you know that the topic chosen is the correct one? Many writers tend to identify their items from trending events on different channels. Therefore, if you select a subject that will cause your readers to be either happy or angry, then that's a clear indication that you've accomplished your task excellently.

  • What Points Are You Driving Across?

After selecting the correct topic, the content that follows is what will make your work stand out. Don't scatter your comedy across the work; instead, direct it to a general point in order your essays on satire can be complete. These are some of the points that may guide you:

  • What's the subject's irony?
  • What do you think of the subject?
  • What do you think of the topic?
  • Get Personal

In this part, always keep in mind that the primary agenda of a satirical essay is to give the reader a hilarious and ironic read. A satire essay, unlike other types of articles, offers you the freedom to air out your own opinions and views concerning the subject at hand.

As much as the article should be funny and enjoyable to read, the main motive of the writer should be to drive a point home about a matter that he/she is enthusiastic about.

  • Consider Your Readers

As you write your satirical essay, take caution, and make it your business to know the type of readers that you'll be appealing to.

Therefore, it is considered wise to identify your readers because, with such knowledge, you'll figure it out whether to be casual or direct in your essay. These are some of the questions that can guide as you identify your readers.

  • How should I drive my point across if I was talking to an ally?
  • How should I phrase my content if professionals are to read this article?
  • What's the difference when it comes to you writing formally and casually?
  • Use the First Narrator Perspective

It is considered useful to rewrite your article using the first narrator's perspective. This is because this perspective offers you many possibilities and helps you bring your favorite cultural and social elements into it.

An example of the first narrator perspective is, "I saw that the door was left wide open, and I wondered what could be behind it."

How to Get Original Topics for Your Essays on Satire?

Students can write these satire essays on any subject, but it can be considered sufficient to select significant social, cultural, and political moments. Check various articles, popular news, and other resources to find the appropriate dream topic to write about. Some of the issues common which are written about include:

  • Living issues in modern days
  • Immigration in the European region.
  • The increasing rate of suicidal commitments
  • Teen melancholy
  • Gender inequality

General Guidelines to Use When Writing Satirical Essays

  • Have Strong Theory Statements

Having chosen the appropriate topic for your essay on satire, develop a theory that is strong enough to attract the attention of your readers. It should be brief and should offer other people the idea of how you intend to back it up. All in all, always keep in mind that the theory's structure must not change.

An example of a strong theory statement can be, "Building trust in marriage should be an easy task, but why do couples fail?”

  • Good Sources for Your Satire Essays

When it comes to writing an essay on satire, you need to use trending information from reliable sources like academic publications. Ensure that you've made a list of reference materials you will use as your additional research and an example can be comprehensive news sites. As you gather your information, stay away from biased manner news sites for they can provide you with false information.

  • Make Sure That You've Cited All Sources Correctly

If you include sources into your article like famous satirical essays, quote them and ensure that all appropriate is reserved. Select the most comfortable format to be used in case your tutor did not specify on what size to be used.

  • Use The ELP Technique

You might be wondering what exactly is this type of technique? Let's begin by defining the abbreviation ELP, which is; Ethos, Logos, and Pathos. The method has been proven to be quite useful not only to satirical essays but to other high school articles to;

  • Ethos -This is the explaining of a definition to a reader by the use of satirical methods specially to expose pretense. So, for this to come through, you need first to give a thorough description of your argument. Then with the help of comedy, you can air out your personal opinions concerning the subject.
  • Logos - From the saying seeing is believing, offer your readers factual evidence after introducing your argument, then back it up with statistical analysis. In fact, at this point, hyperbole is considered much useful because it will bring prominence on the topic.
  • Pathos - Emotions are considered significant, especially when it comes to evoking emotions to your readers as it is viewed as in famous satirical essays.

As you conclude, there is no need for using irony reason being, in this section of your article, lies an excellent platform for your readers are called to take action. All you need to do is to restate your theory then offer solutions to the various problems at hand realistically.

  • Brainstorm Satire Essay Ideas

When it comes to completing any assignment given, brainstorming has proven to be quite helpful. Even in the case of writing an essay on satire, this tool can be simple, but it has proven to be quite useful. It encourages an association between words and topics, to bring out the critical issues and to assist one as they strategize on how to approach their assignment

  • Use Exaggeration

With the aid of a hyperbole, create an emphasis of your point in the satirical essay. Be cautious to know that exaggerating is not the same as lying; therefore, correct and factual data must first be given, then backed up by exaggeration. An example of hyperbole can be, "On realizing that he might be late for the appointment, he ran faster than the wind."

  • Use Irony in Your Satire Essay

In satirical essays, your content should have ironical phrases and words in them. Ironical phrases are phrases that display the reverse of what you mean. An example of an ironical instance in an essay can be, "James being a pilot, was afraid of heights." In this example, the fact that James is a pilot, and he's afraid of heights is an ironical statement. The irony, together with sarcasm, can be powerful devices when it comes to criticism.

  • Include Comedy in Your Article

As you write your article, try adding comedy. Many instances of ironies are not funny, but if you highlight the silliness of an event, you can lead people to view things from your perspective.

Comedy is also an excellent tool for capturing people's attention for it will improve their understanding toward the point you are driving at.

More importantly, the comedy will assist your readers in comprehending the points you're driving forth. Hence there is a high chance that they will respond quickly to your article. Always keep in mind as you write your essays on satire, to be very careful primarily because there is a thin line between an inappropriate review and a satire article.

  • Include Sarcasm in Your Essays on Satire

Sarcasm is a literary device in the genre of literature that is used to mock or criticize something. This device is humorous and fun on one end, but on the other, they can easily create bitter contempt.

Especially to an individual who has a different approach towards the subject. An example can be: "When Julia fell into a puddle of mud, she remarked 'That's just what I needed today.'"

  • Mash Everything Together

Now because you have the skeleton of what you're going to write, it is time to write. This section can only be efficient if you have come up with the appropriate topic the specific points and lastly the readers that you'll address. These are some of the critical factors that you should look at so that your article can stand out, and they are:

  • Usage of exaggeration points
  • Select the appropriate phrases that allow irony and hyperbole to be used
  • Include tons of comedy in your article.
  • The more sarcasm your essay has, the better
  • Be factual at all times


How do you come up with an excellent satirical essay? This is one of the most popular questions asked by students for the past decade. Many scholars over the past few years have been well equipped to tackle different types of essays, but when it comes to articles on satire, many aren't well associated.

This is mainly because most essays that scholars are asked to write, one has to approach them, unlike satirical, whereby you have to be humorous.

These kinds of essays aren't hard if you master the writing style needed to finish this article. What is this style exactly? This is adding literary devices such as comedy, exaggeration, and irony.

With that, we hope that you have learned a great deal from this article please your comments below.