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At some point, you will have to write a sexual harassment essay. The first thing you will need isn't writing the introduction of that essay. The first thing you need is the sexual harassment thesis statement. Most students have an issue with understanding what the thesis statement is and how to write the best one. Below, we will give you all the answers you will ever need and teach you how to write the best possible thesis statement that will help you write the best possible essay.

Thesis statement about sexual harassment: What is it?

There are a lot of words we can use to explain the matter, but in general, there is a simple explanation. A thesis statement on sexual harassment is the main idea of the essay. It should be written first, and it will be used as a guide for creating the best possible content. The thesis statement is usually one or two sentences long, and it will reflect your opinion about the topic and also the nature of the essay.

Some of you will want to start writing their thesis statements as "The point of this…''. Avoid this and never write it like that. The reasons are simple. First of all, you are telling your readers that you are not proficient with the topic and the essay will be poorly written. You are also suggesting that you didn't understand the subject well and you are too direct. If the thesis about sexual harassment doesn't engage your readers, the chances are low that the essay itself will.

Use the thesis statement in the introduction

The next question you need to be answered is where to use the thesis statement? Most of you believe that it should be used outside the essay. Some believe that it should be hidden or buried in the middle of the piece. Both of these opinions are wrong.

The statements about sexual harassment must be used in the introduction. Yes, you can even start with it, and you will have great odds of writing the best possible essay. After all, the thesis statement must reflect your main idea and the goal of the piece. As such, it should present it as soon as possible in the essay.

If the essay you are writing is long, the thesis statement must be used in the second paragraph. You need to start with the casual introduction and then move to your thesis statement. This is the only case scenario when you must use your thesis statement for sexual harassment in the second paragraph. In all other cases, it should be used in the introduction.

These two points we have mentioned and explained above are rules. Exceptions are not tolerated, and they are not welcomed. Your goal is to provide the best possible copy of the content and to intrigue your readers. If you don't follow the rules, you will fail. If you follow them, you will succeed.

Your thesis statement must always be as specific as possible

Here we have two points. The first one tells you that a sexual harassment thesis must be as specific as possible. The second will help you understand if your thesis statement is precise and direct.

The goal of all thesis statements is to provide insight into the essay and help readers get a clear idea about it as soon as possible. |For example, if you write a thesis statement which sounds ‘'Sexual harassment is bad'' you are too wide, and you can write literally about anything. This is known as a broad thesis statement, and it is never a good thing to use one. Your content will be generic, and it won't engage your readers. Instead, you should use a thesis statement like "Which psychological issues sexual harassment victims encounter''. As you can see the second thesis statement is direct, and it addresses one problem only.

How you can check is your thesis statement for sexual harassment essay direct? First of all, you always need to use two sentences. It is easier to provide a thesis statement which is direct and focused on one specific sub-topic. Then, try to find one problem and address it specifically. If you address to more than one, you have a poor thesis statement which won't help you.

How you can write a specific thesis statement

By now you all know that thesis statement about sexual harassment must be specific or direct. But, the real question is how you can write a thesis statement like that. Well, there are three rules you can use and which will help you get the best possible thesis statement within minutes. They are explained below.

  1. Avoid vague words

There are a lot of vague words, but according to research, students prefer using interesting, challenging, exciting, unusual, desirable, etc. These are vague words which don't add value to your thesis statement. In return, your essay will be poor, and your grade will accompany it. The goal is to use storing and direct words rather than these, vague ones. Just because they sound interesting, doesn't mean they are interesting indeed.

  1. Avoid abstract terms

Abstract terms are society, future, culture, etc. Students like using them as well simply because they sound extraordinary. We are telling you that they should be avoided at all cost. The biggest issue is, in fact, abstract terms don't mean the same thing to you and your readers. In other words, your reader may get the opposite idea than you wanted to present. In other words, they make your thesis statement broad, and they must be avoided.

  1. Always write two sentences

The last rule which will help you write an excellent thesis statement on sexual harassment is to use two sentences. When you use them, you are directly focusing the thesis statement to one problem only. This is what you want, and this is the key ingredient you are looking for. One sentence is always too broad, and you would have to invest far more time into writing it. Two sentences are much easier to incorporate to your essay.

A sexual harassment thesis statement must be free from jargon

Students who use jargon while writing their thesis statements are at a higher risk of writing a poor essay. There are so many reasons why this is the case and why you need to avoid it. The first one is the fact sexual harassment is a serious topic with actual victims involved. If you use jargon, you are telling your readers you are not concerned about the problem. What's the point of your essay then? It doesn't have any value, and it can be mocked. Sexual harassment essays must be written professionally and with a real eye on the main problem.

The second problem with jargon in thesis statements is understanding it. Let's imagine a case scenario in which your thesis statement is full of jargon. 50% of your readers will understand it. 50% of them won't. This means that your essay is already poor in quality among 50% of your readers. Now add the fact 50% of readers will consider it as weak essay due to the fact you used jargon for writing a serious topic, and you are getting the worst grade possible.

To summarize, jargon must be avoided at all cost, especially when writing the thesis statement about sexual harassment. It will make your essay look poor in quality, and you won't be able to get the grade you are looking for. The situation is the same with other pieces. Jargon must be avoided simply because it doesn't have its place in modern and professional writing.

Your thesis statement must include your position or opinion

Let's assume you have read all the points mentioned above. You already have a good idea of which thesis about sexual harassment you can write. The last part we must add is the fact it must include your personal opinion or attitude about that problem. This is the essential part of the thesis statement and the one that deserves your full attention.

We did mention that a thesis statement must provide insight into the topic and what you will explore in your essay. At the same time, it must provide the opinion you have. It can be specific meaning it will be based on your education, your lifestyle and your belief. It can be also be based on a more traditional opinion. The goal is to provide a thesis statement which includes this segment. If it doesn't, then you will give a poor quality essay and it is something you will want to avoid.

Statements about sexual harassment are almost always straightforward. You won't write an essay which supports sexual harassment and which present it as a good thing. On the other side, there are a lot of additional elements you will want to include and which can be presented in your thesis statement. Just keep in mind that your opinion is the goal which must be presented right here and always go with it. A thesis statement will give a preview of the topic and what will be defended or argued in the essay.

Thesis statement for sexual harassment ideas

There are two essay types. The topic may be assigned, or it may be not. If it isn't, then you will have to think of the subject all by yourself and provide a suitable thesis statement. This is a more challenging alternative. Anyway, we will present you a few ideas that may help you in writing the best possible thesis statement and therefore the essay.

  • Lies and the truth regarding the sexual harassment at workplaces in 2019. What must be prevented before it happens?

The mentioned thesis statement is extremely common, and it is popular among all kinds of students. It will explore the actual and false assumptions about sexual harassment and provide data which will support it. You can write about a specific industry or business place, and you can offer both a set of data. Just keep in mind to include the reasons why it must be prevented as soon as possible.

  • Problems sexual harassment involves. Women suffer from psychological, personality and verbal issues.

It is another thesis statement that deserves your full attention. It is direct, and it focuses on the problems sexual harassment involves. Always remember that a good thesis statement for sexual harassment essay must take an in-depth look at the problems which are caused and also why they occur in the first place. Of course, in this case, scenario, we will look at the women problems only, and we will try to explain why and how severe they are.

  • Analyzing the sexual harassment problems in schools. Why they are more severe than any other kind.

The first thing to remember is that this thesis statement is most severe of them all. It is a sensitive topic that most people will try to avoid. This can be good and bad. It is a severe one so readers will be selected. It is bad because you must treat it with a lot of care and cover all the elements just right.

Final words

We have provided all you need to know regarding the sexual harassment thesis and how you can write one that is just perfect. In return, you can expect the best possible grade, and you will know that your essay is stunning. All of this may sound too complicated or even impossible, but once you start writing, you will see that it is a 100% natural process and it is easy. Follow the points we provided, and your essay will be great.

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