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Tentative Thesis Statement

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Tentative Thesis Essay

Writing an essay is not a strange undertaking given that as a student essay writing forms a more significant part of activities that are meant to fulfill the attainment of a degree certificate. Essentially, every student, at some point in their college life has to write. As we think about writing, it is also essential that we think about the nature of the article we are creating in addition to the audience we are addressing. Academic essays must be well written. This implies that the pieces must have a good structure and logically flowing information.

What then is a Claim Statement?

Writers focus on presenting their article via systems that organize their dominant notion plus the chief points, and the main message to the readers. Such an organization is what defines a tentative thesis statement. An alternative explanation is that a good article ought to be a reflection of a good organization and flow of the unique ideas of the writer. Just like a traveler who might not know the direction to his or her destination, a map is a very analytical instrument that guides him or her throughout the journey.

Primarily, a tentative thesis statement plays a similar role. What is a tentative thesis statement is not answered by merely thinking that it is a statement that announces the topic but by appreciating that there are more to it as explained in this paragraph?

What is the Length of a Good Tentative Thesis Statement?

Knowing how to write a tentative thesis statement might be a good thing, but understanding its length may be an added advantage, especially for a writer who is mindful of his or her readers. The acceptable standard for a good tentative thesis is that it should be very brief. A thesis ought to be two sentences at most. When it is longer than two sentences, then it becomes boring to the reader and may as well cause confusion when writing the article.

Within the two sentences, a writer should be able to present his or her position with regards to the topic.

Remember to craft it in a manner that clearly explains the purpose of the paper in addition to guiding the flow of the content entailed within the paper.

Arrangement of a Tentative Thesis

While a tentative thesis, maybe just a small part of the entire piece, it is important to note that its organization cannot be overlooked. Its arrangement is automatic in the sense that takes the shape of the entire article. While there are various writing styles that formats the articles differently, universities have their own preferences. The styles that are acceptable across the world include APA, Harvard, Chicago, and MLA. The format of the tentative thesis will take shape either one of the styles named above.

How to Write a Thesis

First, we begin by formulating a good topic that will eventually enable us to come up with a tentative thesis statement. Importantly, the topic is the larger idea that the whole article addresses and for that reason, it is important to come up with one which encompasses the major idea that the writer has. It should not be too broad to handle or too narrow to handle. Understanding how to write a tentative thesis statement is easy when we have a good topic.

Aspects of a Tentative Thesis Statement

It is not only about the formulation of the tentative thesis statement but also the consideration of some critical details that cannot be ignored. While we may be thinking about the topic and how we want to bring it out to the readers, it is equally important to think about the following;

Placement of the Thesis

We need to understand that a thesis statement just as mentioned earlier is like a map meant to guide the reader through the content of the paper, and for that reason, it cannot be hidden within the text. It should be as clear as possible. More so, the position of the tentative thesis statement without any doubt should be at the introduction stage of the paper. In other words, the sooner we divulge it, the better if the paper is getting maximum attention it deserves besides earning a student the best grades he or she expects. It is not advisable to look through your map when you have already missed the direction. In as much as it may still be helpful, the consequences could, however, be too costly.

Placement Tips

  • Do it as quickly as possible in the starter
  • Never put the tentative thesis in the inside of the essay
  • Show potential readers the argument of your tentative thesis statement, but at the same time, avoid using prompt statements like ‘the purpose of this essay is...

The Specificity of the Tentative Thesis Statement

Quite a time, we run into the problem of writing a thesis that addresses everything and nothing particular. It is important to tailor the thesis to address the specific idea that the writer wants to pass across and not anything else. To achieve clarity, the writers thought must vivid. It is not easy to gain the meaning of the article beforehand. As we write, new ideas crop up, and we can revise them to refine the tentative thesis statement to the basic and specific level that is reflective of our real thoughts.

Specificity Tips

  • Have a keener look at the tentative thesis statement to identify large statements that may be loosely connected. Sometimes conjunctions may present a tentative thesis is that is not well flowing. In such a situation, consider,
  • A subordinating combination such as though, because, since, and although for the purpose of signaling the connection between the sentences.
  • Where the two sentences are implying fuzziness and disconnection, it is imperative to consider settling on a single sentence and rewriting it to suit the writer's idea, thus achieving specificity.

The Generality of the Tentative Thesis Statement

Just like a tailor who measures his or her linen to fit the subject, the tentative thesis should be limited to the length of the article. This implies shaping a topic in a manner that it does not yield to a general thesis but a well-defined thesis statement that contains specific ideas. The cardinal rule in any writing is to ensure absolute clarity. Given that essay are also a means through which we communicate, it is imperative that the receiver of the message, which in this case is the reader should get it as clear as possible.

There should be no confusion in as far as the meaning is concerned. If a shared meaning is established, then the article is considered to be successful. Therefore, we must write the thesis statement in a manner that promotes clarity and not confusion. A tentative thesis statement should not be superficial or sprawling because that may imply that the reader is insensitive to his or her audience, or he is simply careless.

Look at the following tentative thesis statement examples to understand what a specific thesis is and what a general one is.

First example

‘There is a public appreciation with regards to modern democracy.'

The second example

"Because of the introduction of the multiparty system, citizens are able to elect their leaders in a more democratic manner without intimidation.”

In this case, the second one is more refined, and it gives some important details that make the reader interested in reading the entire paper.

Third tentative thesis statement example

‘The amount of violence in movies is degrading the morals of our society.'

Fourth example

‘Action movies as created today propagate violence which affects children s compared to nonviolent movies such as singing cartoons.'

Clarity of the Tentative Thesis Statement

Just as the content of the paper, the thesis statement should be as vivid as possible. In light of the fact that it is not a technical report, the sentences should be comprehensible and simple. Readers should be able to understand the thesis statement without straining.

Clarity Tips

  • Although some vocabularies may be interesting to use, the writer must avoid jargons and technical terms to make the writing as interesting and easy to understand as possible
  • Vague words or sentences that are unclear should as well be avoided. Such sentences may include; stimulating, destructive, rare, problematic, and thrilling.
  • It is also advisable to resist the temptation of using non-concrete words such as; philosophy, humanity, ideals, and so on.

Unless the writer intends to clearly explain what he or she means by the terms listed above, which again might be space-consuming, it is imperative to avoid them. The writer may be familiar with the terms, but that should not give the writer a leeway to assume that the readers are also familiar with the terms.

The Writer's Position with Regards to the Topic

We normally make the mistake of announcing the topic other than pronouncing ourselves with regards to it or the issue at hand. Readers may not be privy to the details of the article until after they have read it. Of the interest to them is the writer's viewpoint, as stated in the tentative thesis statement. The readers are interested in the possible angle the article is taking. Such an angle is encapsulated in the tentative thesis statement examples as expressed by the writer. Generally, stating one's position in as far as the topic is concerned is mandatory considering that his or her condition guides the paper.

Viewpoint Tips

  • The thesis statement should transcend the issuance of statements or mere announcements but should contain the writer's angle with regards to the topic.
  • Look at the two tentative thesis examples below, where the first one merely announces the topic while the second is more refined and states a truer thesis.

First example: ‘In this paper, we intend to discuss various challenges facing children as learners in society.'

Second example: ‘The new curriculum offers not just stories but tales that shed more light on child psychology.'

Note that writing a claim may require a student first to finish writing the entire document in advance then refine thesis. This ideally is a good approach given that new ideas emerge as one writes, and that can present the writer with an opportunity to make some good adjustments. Write the tentative essay and leave room for adjustments as you generate new ideas.

The Originality of the Thesis Statement

Quite often, writers make mistakes by editing the existing tentative essay examples which not a good idea is given that there is a likelihood of misrepresenting the idea that one has. Generic statements are not allowed when the writer wants to present an original thought. For students, it is highly possible for one to plagiarize, and that may lead to serious consequences. It is important to avoid situations that may lead to embarrassment by embracing originality.

Originality Tips

  • Remember that what you write or put as part of the tentative thesis statement matters a lot. In that case, it is imperative to give an answer to the question ‘so what?'
  • Give an explanation as to why the topic you are presenting should be read of what else it is offering to the readers that separates it from the rest of its kind.
  • Use words that are simple and originally


How to write a tentative thesis statement may be perplexing but manageable when we factor in some of the key lessons contained in this paper. Basically, the writer should remember that original and purposeful tentative thesis examples can give an article a great boost besides drawing the readers to it. More so, the guide to a good paper is the thesis. As stated earlier, it is important to put the thesis right in the introductory paragraph so that the reader does acquaint himself with the position of the writer. While answering a question ‘what is a tentative thesis, we need to appreciate the fact that writing as an art is quite dynamic. As we write, more ideas are generated, and that is how we refine the stamen of the thesis to present our thoughts.