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Thesis Statement On Disability

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In this guide, we'll be focusing on some of the essentials of a thesis statement to get you in a good position to formulate a strong, effective and excelling thesis statement about disability discrimination. Meanwhile, before we get to that, let's start by knowing what disability is.

What is Disability?

What is a disability? This is a state of body-mind impairment whereby the individual finds it difficult to undertake some of their day to day activities or be in a position to freely interact with their environment. They can be of various types based on the structures affected. The various examples are; movement disability, mental health, cognitive, hearing and disabilities in social relationships. You cannot grade disability as one; rather, it's a complex phenomenon affecting a diverse group of people. Of note, people with the same disability are not affected in a similar manner, but the disability takes different forms leave alone being hidden in some. The World Health Organization classifies disabilities in terms of:

  • Impairment of body or mental function
  • Limitation of normal human acts; hearing
  • Restricted participation of daily activities

Studies suggest that approximately 15% of the world's population experience forms of disability; the key factor contributing to this is poor socio-economic status.

Thesis Statement

Using the standard college paper format, the thesis statement is to be positioned just by the end of the starting paragraph when writers have given their audience a brief coverage of the topic to be discussed in the whole paper.

You'll mostly find a thesis statement in persuasive academic papers that lecturers are fond of giving to gauge their student's abilities. This is all done to gauge some of their persuasion skills better still assess their skills in research. Nevertheless, instructors are making this a habit to assign their class with research papers that ask them to formulate statements that are subject to dispute and that will perfect good ground for arguments. Well, it's a nice idea, isn't it? Persuading others plays a great role in your everyday social life. Besides, a day doesn't go without you trying to convince or persuade people around you to come to term with your views and opinions on given subjects. Motivational speakers spend most of their time trying to convince their audience into believing they can even when all hope is lost. Nevertheless, when it comes to college papers, the moment you bring out your stance on a given issue, it's expected that you'll do adequate research and arm yourself with supporting evidence for your opinions and ideas you settled for.

These college papers usually make use of the same approach in almost all instances. A quick hack is for you as a writer to be in a good position to create working statements that you'll rest assured of getting good grades. The recommended format includes a three-step procedure of; introduction followed by the rest of the paper. The thesis statement is normally placed just by the finishing of the starting paragraph when writers have given their audience a brief coverage of the topic to be discussed in the whole paper.

What is a Thesis Statement?

Let's now look at what is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is a sentence placed just by the finishing of the introductory part of your paper that brings out clearly your point of view based on the issue being addressed. Why did you prefer or settle for your view? The thesis statement comprises of double supporting sections; the two clauses. They all work together to bring out your message. To start with, an independent clause makes known the stance you settled for on the topic while the other shoulders your stance with supporting detail- gives additional detail on the main idea.

A thesis statement about disability discrimination would, therefore, be a sentence that emphasizes the writer's view on the topic being discussed which is disability and then further supports your declaration. Relevance is very crucial in this case.

The Different Types of Thesis Statements

A writer is to be well equipped to formulate and create various types of thesis statement on learning disabilities. It all comes down to the instructions as per the assignment, at the end of the day, the writer ought to look out for relevance always.

After all, the body should be supporting the claims you drafted on the thesis statement for disability.

To begin with, let's check out the junior thesis statement for disability which is informative. When it comes to this, a writer is required to state facts. Taking sides means doing a different thesis statement on learning disabilities and mostly is persuasive. State your factual points while having in mind your role which in this case giving out information relating to disability as per the assignment. It is recommended that you settle for the current trends on disability and base your informative approach on that let's say; the policies the government is putting in place to assist in curbing impaired disability function. Going through your disability thesis statement, the lecturer is expected to look forward to the focus of the paper, and through doing this picture an appropriate conclusion for your paper.

Always be keen with the details of the assignment and remember to abide by them strictly.

"Challenges facing people with disability fail to be recognized due to lack of representation, a move by the government to nominate a disability representative to parliament is a step in the right direction."

The above sample is good representation of a thesis statement about disability that gives informs the audience. The statement has effectively approached the thesis clauses that make leading thesis statement about disability discrimination. Judging from the statement, the central idea - disability representation with further emphasis - the government's move to elect a disability representative to parliament.

Secondly, we have another category which is a thesis statement about disability that is formulated around arguments. Here, you're required to settle on opinions and ideas that can be disputed and that will create a platform for arguments. Look out for the assignment requirements.

What's expected is that you draft a disability thesis statement that is arguable? Assume a mood that is convincing. You should persuade your audience until you win. Both the clauses function to help you achieve that goal. Clarity on the disability thesis statement is crucial. Provide your readers with comfort and give no room for doubts.

"Electing a disability representative to parliament is a good step, but will it get rid of the disability?”

Statements on disability like the one above should get you a good grade. The above sentence has all it takes to form good persuasions when it comes to convincing your audience. Just by reading a thesis statement on disability your audience is expected to be satisfied enough to picture the paper's direction and in the process predict some of the probable and relevant conclusions. Stable clauses play a great role towards the eventual outcome of the thesis statement on learning disabilities. For some reason, lecturers opt for persuasive statements to allow the writer to settle for different views on the issue and still adequately support it to finalize on probable conclusions they find amazing. To be able to understand this well, ask your lecturer to guide you in settling for amazing concluding forms you can use.

Placing the Thesis Statement about Disability Discrimination

You've already drafted a thesis statement for disability; positioning is now the next part. Try making your sentence as intriguing as possible with the most effective approaches there be. A disability thesis statement is to be included in the intriguing introductory paragraph. It's advisable that you position it before concluding your starting paragraph- to give an excellent logical flow of ideas in your disability text.

Wherever you'll position the thesis statement about disability dramatically plays a great role in determining the paper's outcome. Some writers tend to be impatient whenever they're tasked with drafting a thesis statement, and by doing so, they fail to meet the instructor's format in relation to placing a thesis statement for disability. Some instances, you'll find students placing the thesis statement on disability at the beginning of the introductory part. Such unnecessary and careless mistakes wouldn't be taken lightly and are not good for your grades. This will mess up your paper's logic and even worse confuse them much further; we both know how much such acts will end up costing you.

Disability papers are assume a format whereby after declaring your claim on the disability thesis statement, the preceding contents in your starting paragraph should have guided your readers on information on the topic to help the reader be at par with the paper's flow. The thesis should now come in to give your audience the paper's focus by making it clear the direction your paper is set to follow with possible conclusions they ought to look forward to. This format provides your audience with clarifications and information to make them confident with your work. Do a further reading on publications and past writings on disability for you to grasp better the whole idea on what you're expected to write on your paper.

Components of an Outstanding Disability Thesis Statement

The strength of the thesis statement about disability discrimination is to determine the magnitude of persuasion the text would assume. A nice idea can be to seek for a different opinion. It's a brilliant move to reach out to your seniors, colleagues and ask for their view on your work. This will be a step in the right direction to help you correct mistakes missed while drafting. To make the process easier, we have some of the aspects to consider while at this;

  • Is the thesis specific? The thesis statement about disability discrimination shouldn't be too wide nor shallow. Avoid the mentioned by taking your time to formulate something nice, native and capturing. A thesis statement you should be in a position to confidently argue to extreme levels of persuading live audiences. Capture this, and you can rest assured of an outstanding thesis statement on disability.
  • How supporting is your research? -Thesis statement for disability work in harmony with the whole paper. Your supportive data should concur with the opinions you settled for in the statement. After all, the body will is to back the thesis! Revision should help you gauge whether the paper is in harmony. If that is not the case, then you ought to sit and down and do more research and settle for a better winning statement. Stay liberal, make appropriate connections should there need be.
  • The statement should strongly answer the subject matter- The thesis statement for disability has to be answering the questions as per the assignment instructions. Go back to the instructions for reference and understand what the content requires before you go ahead to submit your work and avoid unnecessary mistakes that might cost you.
  • The statement should tackle the "what now context”- So, you've drafted a thesis statement on disability, and you see it fit, next? You're required to well to support your view. The thesis ought to be vibrant, straightforward and fulfill your audience's wants not forgetting yours too. The paper is to be as impressive to capture the lecturer and get you good grades. It would be an assignment done by lots of writers; this should challenge you to go for the best and nothing short of the same. Nativity and innovation will! For the purposes of creating more clarity, it is a brilliant idea to make the relevant connections with the thesis just so to be more convincing with your argument.


With such information and guidelines, we bet you're already set for the assignment. The ball is now on your court. Take your time, put in lots of hard work and formulate creative thesis statement about disability that will beat all the odds to deliver a leading paper.

What are some of your quick hacks in coming up with a strong thesis statement? Feel free to comment below.

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