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In my family I was the second person to get a chance to go to the university. The experience has greatly transformed my life prospects in many ways. First, I realized that it is important for the university education system to benefit the students. Why? Because sstudents choose a career path which they are unsure of. Getting a degree is an important goal for every scholar. Out of many university education essay topics, I chose this was because it's my experience first-hand.

This university education essay outlines key funding issues surrounding university education funding. Some people's understanding of higher education funding system is like taking a degree in itself. The process is pretty complicated and tiresome. Majority of students confess that they do not really understand how the system works. It is ironic that the process is hard to understand and yet the debate over tuition fees and educational loans has been one of the controversial political issues of our time.

Politicians over time have been discussing on how taxpayer loans policies can be eased. The politicians must understand that education is a human right and they have a responsibility to legislate laws which guarantee students loans, grants, and scholarships. It is the role of the government to establish quality education programs in order to satisfy the job market expectation.

In the recent past, governments have partnered with private universities to meet the rising demand for high education. Even though the demand has been met, the quality of education offered seems not to meets employers' expectation.

First, this university education argumentative essay discusses the current situation in terms of how the system is working. In England, fees annually cost students £9,000 in all degree programs. The money is upfront provided by the taxpayer and later the student pays it back as a loan. In addition, a student is given another cash loan from the taxpayer. The loan is often called maintenance loan. The loan used to be a grant. It is important to note that no all students take a loan to pay for the fees and maintenance expenses. Students from well-off families 100% fund their education since they understand the predicament they may end up into if they take the loan.

Even though the loan is expensive, it helps students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The maintenance fees help the student to finance the living cost. These students end up leaving university with more debt compared to students from wealthy families. The situation jeopardizes students' expectation to reap much from job opportunities they get.

This essay about university education will demonstrate how unemployment has complicated the repayment plan. For example, in the UK a graduate is expected to have extra "graduate contribution”. The contribution is taken out of their pay to offset taxpayer's loan but the money cannot be taken out if the graduate's income threshold is above £25,000. The painful thing is that, most students are unable to pay enough "graduate contribution” for more than 30 years. From the look of things, the loan makes them slaves. Regardless of the complexity, the OECD has praised the system because it provides sustained funding for world-class universities and real investment, especially in high-quality degrees.

Unlike Scotland, England has been able to revoke any cap on student number. As long as you get good grades, you can be admitted to the university. University funding has brought a huge boost in relation to social mobility. Through the funding plan, a huge number of students from disadvantaged families have been able to go to the university.

Even though the current funding system has achieved noticeable strides, it does not mean that it cannot be improved. Unless well-intended evaluation is done periodically, the system will continue delivering the same results all through. According to university education essays published by education experts recently, they insist that policies surrounding current funding system must be revisited in order to achieve the best results possible. For example, as the fees have risen, the level of debt has gone up.

This means that the gap between the disadvantaged students and students from the wealthy background has widened and this needs to be addressed in my essay for university education. The good news is that the government has announced a review in regards to students' finance. It is determined to come up with a better approach that will not disadvantage some students. Education enthusiasts foresee a scenario whereby, there will be equality of opportunity. They attest that young people deserve better and the government must stop crucifying them in relation to economic status.

A Higher Education Fund Reform

This essay about university education will discuss possible reforms which should be undertaken by the government. The government has announced that it is ready to have a broader, higher education financing reform to bring real sustainability. The reform will restructure the current system but it will spare the sensible elements function well. Moving on with this university education essay outline, I will discuss the involvement of the government.

Possible Reforms That The Government Should Bring

First, the government should reconsider bringing back the maintenance grants. This mistake must be rectified since the current maintenance loan approach negatively affect students from low-income families. Instead of helping them to come out of poverty the loans are indebting them more. That is unfair and cruel and should not be allowed to continue.

The other thing the government must terminate is to stop "graduate contribution” from paying off loan instead allows a Higher Education Fund to collect the money. It is unfair to lower a graduate's salary by 70-80%. It will give a chance to those students who earn to contribute because they have a degree to pay money to Higher Education Fund.

This means that the Higher Education Fund will have more money because there will be a higher proportion of graduates and the money will be spread out to other needy students. It is sensible for graduates to fund the system that benefits from. Majority of students will welcome the approach because there is an issue of fairness. Those students who do not go to the university are not supposed to pay for those who do. Why pay? There is no logical reason why they should pay. There is a high probability graduates will do better in their future earnings compared to non-graduates. 

Employers should be pushed to contribute to the fund for critical degrees like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Progressive Changes

Another thing that I need to mention in my university education argumentative essay: the reforms impact must be progressive not retrogressive. Graduates' contribution should go to a HEF then the money accrued should be used to finance the current students for them to get the same opportunities, go to the university just like other graduates. The cycle should have mutual benefit for it to be beneficial. This goes against Labor party proposal to scrap tuition fees and have university funding come directly from general taxpayers. Their proposal would bring retrogressive measures towards university education funding.

Debt Aversion

The reformed system must tackle debt aversion, another must that needs to be addressed here in this university education essay example. HEF means that no annual loan interest statement and interest rate will be issued. A lot of pounds will be saved because the Student Loan Company will not be paid to do the calculation and send out the annual loan statements. In addition, the reforms will help students coming from disadvantaged or better -off backgrounds desiring to go public university without an impossible debt hanging on their neck. Those students who will do well in their degree and do best financially irrespective of their background will have to contribute to HEF. This will help to continue to finance a world-class higher education system for current students, and this needs to be addressed as well in my university education essay writing.

Already Theresa May has established the tuition fee and university funding review committee. The committee will be chaired by the author and financier, Philph Augar. Even though Labor Party proposes to scrap fees and bring back maintenance grants, Mrs. May says scrapping fees will push taxes up and limit the number of university places.

According to the prime minister's speech in Derby, she confirmed her commitment to the principle that students must directly benefit from higher education. In addition, she says that students must contribute directly to all other costs. As she announced the student finance and university funding a year-long review, the prime minister noted that the system has failed to deliver sufficient competition on price. Currently, all most all courses offered in UK public universities are charged at maximum £9,250 annually plus interest rates which are above 6.1%. Mrs. May admits that UK students have experienced one the most expensive systems of university tuition globally and yet the cost does not relate with quality of the course offered.

Fee Freeze

I will now discuss fee freeze in my essay for university education. Parents and guardians have raised serious concerns about fee freeze. The temporary fee freeze at £9,250 is likely to be for at least another year as the review goes on. Angela Rayner, Labor's shadow education secretary has been quoted saying that the review is an unnecessary waste of time. She goes ahead to say that the prime minister has admitted that her government got wrong. Rayner says that the government is likely to abolish tuition fees, bring back maintenance grants, and provide life education. Contrary, Mrs. May believes that completely scrapping fees will be unfair and damage to universities.

Damian Hinds Education Secretary calls for more flexibility in how courses are delivered. He proposes the introduction of two-year degrees commuter degrees whereby students live at home. The approach will make it easier for part-time students and those individuals who would want to study while working.

Former Labor education minister, Lord Adonis has proposed the introduction of more significant change. He argues that fees should be much lower or abolished the same way Germany did it. Adonis accuses universities being bloated with exorbitant fees and cost that must be slashed. He believes the education department must get real and come up with realistic approaches that will help students financially. He has completely rejected the idea of different subjects having different costs. He terms the idea a big backward step because the numbers of students applying for science courses will tremendous go down if arts and humanities will be cheaper.

According to him, the tuition fee should solely consider ways of reducing costs like interest rates on loans. In addition, he supports the reintroduction of maintenance grants for disadvantaged students. The chair of Treasury select committee former education secretary Nick Morgan has his expressed concerns about the high level of interest. According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, students in England are likely to face more than £5,000 in interest's charges before leaving university. Ultimately, a graduate pays more than £50,000.

Maintenance grants for poor students ultimately will reducing their level of borrowing. Education stakeholders express their support for vocational training and apprenticeships but Mrs. May has warned the route is hard to navigate because the standards across the sector are varied.

Comparing England Tuition With Other Countries

There is one more thing I need to add here in my university education essay writing. England students have higher debts as the leave students compared to other students from the developed world. For example, Scotland does not charge its students fees, whereas in Wales and Northern Ireland fees are much lower.

Most countries in Europe still stick low fees or no fees. For example, Germany has scrapped charge fees. The other reason why university education in other countries is lower is that students are allowed to live at home. The only nation students fees are comparable is the United States. The comparison is not straight forward because courses are four years rather than 3 years.

For example, the University of Washington tuition fee is lower compared to the University of Wolverhampton. New York City universities have scrapped tuition fees for families earning less than £100,000.

The comparison exposes how England students bear a heavy burden compared to other students from other nations.

Students in England are not convinced that they're getting value for money. Universities have failed to explain how the money is spent. This factor among other factors has led to a plunging level of students thinking there are not getting the value of their money. According to the survey carried out by Higher Education Policy five years ago, 53% of university students across the UK thought universities' courses quality was either good or very good but the perception has gone down to the lowest level of 35%. Higher Education Policy Institute asserts that the quality of teaching determines students' perceptions in regards to the value of education offered in our universities.


In the United Kingdom, student grants and loans are primarily provided for by the government. The government does it through non-departmental public body Student Loans Company (SLC). SLC was established under Margaret Thatcher Conservative government.The body is responsible for student finance in both England and Wales. Students residing in United Kingdom are eligible for students' loan. In the end of this university education essay example, a reform is needed to tackle the ever-increasing costs of living the big cities of the UK as well as the way poorer families can have access to better funding.

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