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Vegans Thesis Statement

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Vegans versus non-vegans- there are lots of controversies on this topic. Most of us have interest to know the truths on veganism. However, not all the things about veganism is clear to us. Both the vegans and non-vegans live with their own beliefs. They have also different questions on veganism. As one of the researchers or higher-class students, you may take the responsibility of presenting some new facts on this topic. Start writing the thesis paper on it. You will get a chance of finding the information on veganism.

However, before composing the thesis body, you have to concentrate on the vegans thesis statement. A precise and concise statement will give a clear concept to your readers. There are various aspects on veganism, and you have to choose any of those aspects to write your thesis about vegans. Make your thesis statement highly attractive to the readers. The target readers of your thesis papers may be vegans or non-vegans. However, you always have to make sure that the thesis is valuable to both these group of readers. Your thesis statements must clear all the queries of the readers, and you will be successful in your effort.

The young students cannot make out whether they have to write informative or persuasive thesis statement for vegans essay. It is very easy to gather information on veganism and compose a thesis on it. However, that will not make your paper much compelling. While you are writing the informative thesis, you have to take time for adding fresh information on veganism.

However, we think that it is better to choose the persuasive thesis about vegans. In this type of thesis, you will get a chance of presenting your own views and arguments for or against the vegans. This approach will make the paper more interesting to read.

Now, we have written about some of the common arguments both for and against the vegans. You can put these arguments rightly to compose your thesis on veganism.

The use of various animal products can cause harm to the animals

It is much prominent in case of the meat consumption. However, this is also application for the eggs and milk. Overbreeding process can result in the terrible suffering to the animals. Most of the farms and slaughterhouses have horrible conditions. To prevent the violent acts against the farmed animals, we can turn out to be the vegans.

You may choose this argument to write your thesis on the veganism. Add more facts that make your thesis stronger.

We must not be cruel to any animals

This is one of the principles, followed by the vegans, and you can include them to your thesis statement. Thus, for the animal protection, veganism is one of the major steps. You may claim that there is no need of killing the animals without any reason.

While you favor the vegans, you can say that the legal rules have to forbid the act of kill the creatures.

Is it natural to eat meat?

From a detailed research, you can find that it is not natural to human beings to consume meat. Due to the constant evolution of human beings and the introduction of different tools, we have started eating meat. Since time of farming the animals, meat has turned out to be a regular food. It has also decreased the cost to rear the animals. However, in the ancient age, there was no trend of consuming the meat.

This is one of the strongest views to be included in your thesis paper. These views go for the veganism.

Our digestive system and teeth are intended for consuming meat

This is never true, and you can easily go against this opinion. The digestive structure of our body differs from that of the carnivorous animals. We have longer guts and our teeth cannot tear the raw meat. We cannot use our mouths and teeth for capturing our preys. We cook meat to eat it. Thus, everything is different from the carnivores. Our ancestors followed veganism for their diet until they had started hunting. However, at that time also, meat constituted a minor part of their regular diet. Vegan diet helps us to live longer. We can die while we eat only the meat.

Although your thesis readers may know these facts, you have to take a different approach to present them. This will make your thesis interesting. Find out more information from various online sites and books to add them to your academic paper.

Meat- One of the health risk factors to us

This is one of the arguments in favor of veganism. In the animal flesh, you can find the contamination of blood, feces and different fluids. That is why there is a high chance of food poisoning from the animal-based diets. You can find bacteria in these foods. Abdominal ache, fever, diarrhea and cramping are the results of food poisoning.

You can add these arguments to your thesis and prove that all your views are true. You may include other points to make your thesis lengthier and stronger.

Save our world

Veganism helps in saving our planet in various ways. The consumption of meat is not an eco-friendly option. Thus, it is better to stop eating meats for saving our Earth. The production and consumption of meat can cause pollution to the environment. The meat-related industries are causing a negative effect on the climate.

Vegans enjoy more delicious foods than that of the non-vegans

This is one of the interesting topics for vegans thesis writers. Most of us have a misconception that the foods without meat may not be tasty. However, there are lots of ways, in which vegans enjoy their everyday diet. Although you have become vegan, you have an opportunity to taste the ice cream, sandwiches and burgers. By consuming these foods, you can prevent the cruelty to the animals. Some dairy-free and meat-free foods taste good. Thus, there is no need to hurt the living beings to get our everyday foods.

While you go for vegans, these are the strong arguments in your favor. To write the
thesis statement for vegans, you have to say that the vegan's recipes can easily please one's taste buds. You can convince the readers by presenting all these claims to them.

Veganism helps one to be healthier

This is one of the most effective factors to be included in the vegan thesis paper. Nowadays, most of us are health conscious. Thus, it is easy to persuade the readers on following the vegan diet for retaining better health condition.

You can look for data to inform the readers how the researchers and scientists have proved the nutritional value of the vegan diet. You can say that most of the non-vegans have diabetes, cancer, heart disorders and different other diseases. Vegans get the nutrients from the plant-based foods, containing the minerals, protein and fiber. The meat-based foods may have nasty stuffs that will affect the internal physical system.

Thus, you can research on the health-related factors causing the problem of veganism. The readers will get interest in the content of your thesis.

There is another reason to rely on the veganism. You can reduce more pounds of your body weight by having vegan diet regularly. You can say that the recent surveys show how the vegans have been successful in losing the weight of their body. Thus, one can lower the fat content and increase the energy of the body.

These are all that you can say in favor of the vegans. However, remember the non-vegans may also read the thesis and think of their own claims to argue against you.

Thus, before writing the thesis statement about vegans, you can find out what the non-vegan groups can claim.

Stopping of meat consumption can cause overpopulation in the planet

It is a very common argument that can be claimed by the non-vegans. There are several farm animals in this world. Still, this number is smaller than the number of slaughtered animals. That is why the non-vegans think of the need of killing the animals. They think that while we do not eat meat, the farm animals will outnumber the number of human beings in this world.

However, when you are writing the thesis for vegans, you may present the arguments that are against the meat eaters.

The consumption of fish does not cause any suffering

The non-vegan group can claim it to back up their views. This group believes that the fish consumption is not a type of cruelty.

However, you will get a chance of opposing their views in your thesis statement for vegans. The scientific research has proved the feelings of pain of the fish. Industrial fishing technique causes much suffering to these animals. Intensive farming of fish is also a reason of negative impact on these animals. Thus, you can rely on all these facts to write about your arguments in your thesis paper.

No milking of cows can cause a damage to the udders

The non-vegans can prove their views by claiming that the dairy cows can feel pain when they cannot relieve their milk, produced by their udders. Their udders can turn out to be swollen due to the high amount of milk in them. In this condition, the cows will not be able to walk to get food and water, and thus, they will ultimately die.

As farmers take the milk out of the lactating cows, they steal their calf from them. While the farmers do not milk cows, these animals will start feeling distress.

However, when this cow milking process continues for longer hours, it hurts the animals. The cows can stomp their feet or start bawling for their discomfort. You will get more views for the vegans in this society.

Meat consumption does not always go against the environment

While talking about the arguments in favor of the vegans, we have said that the meat consumption is not an eco-friendly approach. However, the non-vegans can say that the sustainably produced chicken are better than the pork and beef. That is why the non-vegans may continue eating the meat without damaging the environment.

There are predators, killing other animals- Then, why shouldn't we?

You have to find out the arguments that are against this claim of the non-vegans. The non-vegans rely on the fact that they have the ability of killing and consuming other animals like that of the wolves and lions. Although we cannot kill animals without using the tools, we have the right of hunting the animals.

Thus, you may write about these beliefs of the non-vegans, and then, you can present your own views on it. In this way, you will be able to develop the vegans thesis consistently with the right arguments.

Everyone turns into vegan- Would it increase the need of using pesticides?

You will surely get different evidences to give a negative answer to this question. The most important thing is that pesticides are not essential in all cases. More reliance on veganism will also not affect the growth of crops. Most of the farmed animals eat 10 kilo of plant protein for producing an equal amount of meat. Thus, with the decreasing consumption of the meats, the farmers may use their lands for growing crops and vegetables. The production rate of the crops will increase easily. It will also prevent the use of chemicals and pesticides for crop production.

In conclusion, we can say, there are several opinions for and against the vegans. You have to write your thesis to find out something new from the conventional beliefs. To write the thesis statement on vegans, you may focus on both the aspects, related to vegans. You can choose any topic for your thesis statement. However, the format and style of writing is not different. You may also concentrate on the instructions of your professor. This will help you to create a high quality thesis statement for your academic purpose.